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Our main mission here at MarketReview.com is to bring cutting edge insights on all things financial to the public at large. Where there are many financial related websites out there, we aim to stand out from the crowd by sharing our top-level perspective and giving people what they really need to succeed financially.

MarketReview.com LogoWe let our content do most of the talking here though and you are invited to explore our site yourself to fully appreciate what we do. If you’ve always wanted to be privy to the inside information that usually isn’t shared without spending a lot of money, you’ve found the right place.

We’ll let you decide how valuable this site is to you. Some of our takes on things tend to differ from what you’re used to, things that you read in the popular media or assumptions that people just hold and don’t question much, so it is helpful to bring an open mind to really be able to get the maximum benefit out of our expert financial advice.

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Editorial Standards

Since our goal is to provide useful practical knowledge the various financial topics that we cover here, there is a lot of focus on educating our readers and providing them with knowledge that they can actually use to achieve their objectives.

We therefore may go into things more deeply than you may be used to, and in spite of our expertise, no one expects you to just take the knowledge we provide without really questioning things too much, and the first thing that we need to do if we aspire to be knowledgeable here is to never stop asking questions and never stop thinking.

It is actually quite counterproductive to defer to authority even if you aren’t that well informed. We do not want you to do this elsewhere nor with us either. If something makes sense, we will publish it, but it needs to make sense to you as well.

We seek to make this site a very comprehensive one, and looking around, the sheer number of topics related to finance that we cover as well as the depth that we go into with them should make this clear.

All of this comes with our analysis included, whether this be with a set of articles on a given topic or with our news articles. We even look to teach with our news reporting, as you can get the news anywhere but our stories are written by experts in the field who often can add more perspective to these articles than you see elsewhere.

This is not only because this added perspective is more enjoyable to read, as we should take with us from any article that we read not only information but real knowledge.

Our target audience is anyone interested in financial material, whether it be investing, trading, personal finance, retirement, stock markets, or just about anything you can think of. We do not require any prerequisite knowledge to benefit from reading our material, and people new to the field and even experts will find plenty of interesting material to digest here.

We also seek to provide as balanced a view as possible while also being as truthful as possible, and we will not just sit on the fence on issues when one side is clearly the better choice. We still leave it up to you to decide who is right and the ultimate goal is to get you to think for yourself enough to improve your ability to achieve such insights on your own.

Our Team

KenKen Stephens, Editor in Chief: Ken brings to Market Review a broad range of experience and expertise to us, particularly in the world of trading and investing. Ken has been around the markets for almost 40 years in various capacities, from trading his own portfolio to working in the investment banking industry. Ken’s real strength is his ability to not just accept what we may believe but to delve deeper into matters and seek more clarity and understanding.

JohnJohn Miller: John is the economics guru at Market Review, and while many may think that economics is a niche area with finance, it’s really all about economics and using principles of it to achieve financial objectives. We often don’t use principles of economics enough, especially with investing, but this is all about supply and demand and we’re fortunate to have John’s understanding of these matters at our disposal.

MonicaMonica Stankowski: Monica is the lead analyst at Market Review, and has extensive experience in the field across several firms over the years. Monica’s approach combines both technical and fundamental analytical techniques to really get a grasp on what is happening and what will likely follow. Analysts tend to favor one technique or the other but Monica understands that any information that can successfully predict trends should be properly leveraged.

EricEric Baker: Eric has had two decades of experience as a trader, trading both his own accounts, and at a trading desk for a proprietary trading firm. While Eric is retired from the firm, he still trades actively and he brings to Market Review his cutting edge understanding of markets, particularly from the quantitative side. Making money in markets is really a numbers game, managing probabilities, and this applies not only to high volume trading but to the world of everyday investing as well.

RobertRobert Paulsen: Robert has worked as a financial writer for over a decade now, with his main area of expertise being personal finance. His insights cut through the common thinking that often gets in the way of managing our affairs properly and he has helped countless people better organize their lives and better achieve their real goals and needs. He really enjoys his work and it shows in his articles.

AndrewAndrew Liu: Andrew is our number cruncher, specializing in financial accounting. Andrew is the youngest member of our team, only 4 years out of college, but has a sharp mind and a real feel for cutting through all the chaff in a situation and getting to the heart of the matter. Andrew really shone as a student and his understanding of finance in general is really taking off.

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