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Andrew Liu


Andrew is passionate about anything related to finance, and provides readers with his keen insights into how the numbers add up and what they mean.

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New York’s Empire Continues to Crumble

New York

New York might have deserved their self-appointed title of being the empire state in bygone days, but the empire is falling before our eyes as politicians continue to play their fiddles. New York has been the capital of the United States as far as wealth goes for a very long time, and even though, like […]

Fed Has No Plans of Backing Off Support Anytime Soon

Federal Reserve

Some were afraid that the recovery that will come when COVID goes away would cause the Federal Reserve to back up their mega support of the economy. Not anytime soon. It wasn’t that long ago when the big potential issue with the Federal Reserve during its Federal Open Market Committee meetings was its changing its […]

Voters to Decide Fate of App-Based Drivers in California

App based Taxi drivers

After coming within mere hours of seeing ride sharing companies shut down their operations in California, the appeal against new legislation has now been sent to the people. The idea of having people work as independent contractors is far from a new one, and actually has been around for as long as people have been […]

Bitcoin Starting to Attract More Attention Again


Bitcoin breaking out to the upside again in its march forward has many wondering whether they should invest in it. This should only be done if you understand how to read a chart. To those who seek to understand financial markets fundamentally, Bitcoin trading presents itself as quite a conundrum. If you are prone to […]

European Stocks Allegedly Starting to Outperform

European Stocks

With the U.S. economy still mired in a huge recession, and the economic recovery in Europe further along, this has some people concluding European stocks should be added. You would think that people who are paid for their expertise in advising on stocks would at least pay a little more attention. These are folks that, […]

Gold ETF Frenzy Drives Gold to All-Time Highs


Gold’s rally in 2011 was one for the ages, where the price reached $1,889 an ounce. Many wondered how long it would take us to get back there, but wonder no more. Gold isn’t always the best place to have your money, in spite of how so many people throw money into it blindly, paying […]

School Closings Putting Many Parents Out of Work

School Closings

People working at home has provided the economy with a means to keep people working while distancing. Study at home does the opposite and shrinks employment. There haven’t been many benefits that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, where our response continues to punish our economy with plenty more pain in store as we […]