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Eric Baker


Eric has a deep understanding of what moves prices and how we can predict them to take advantage. He also understands why so many traders fail and how they may help themselves.

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Areas of interest: News & updates from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Banking, Futures, Derivatives & more.

Trading Becomes More Politicized as Bears Get Pounded


The alleged attack on short selling hedge funds by amateur traders is stirring a lot of unrest among an uninformed public, including politicians. Understanding these things does help. In spite of how many people invest in the stock market, there is much confusion about how these things work or even are supposed to work. This […]

Markets Rally in Aftermath of Presidential Debate Brawl

Trump vs Biden - Presidential debate

With a little more than a month to go until the big day, and with Joe Biden continuing to maintain a healthy lead, the market’s hope for Trump being re-elected is fading. For those who were hoping to avoid the pounding that their stock portfolios have in store for them should Joe Biden win the […]

Soybeans Look Poised to Continue Runup

Soybean Futures

Technical analyst Andrew Addison tends to look far back into the past for his analyses, which can be pretty wayward, but his bullish view of soybeans looks solid. Andrew Addison of The Institutional View is an interesting sort, a technical analyst who has a particular preoccupation with long-term charts. He certainly takes a lot wider […]

BlackRock Fund Manager Suggests Middle Ground with Dividends


BlackRock’s Tony DeSpirito is now shooting for dividends that are smaller but more reliable in his fund. This is only one small step toward the miles these funds are behind. It’s no secret that those who call themselves equity income investors are obsessed with dividends, in a way that is very unhealthy. This comes up […]

Biden’s Plan for Rebuilding the Economy by Controlling the Virus

Joe Biden

Joe Biden tells us that to recover from our current economic crisis, we need to control the virus. This is like saying the cure for alcoholism is to drink more alcohol. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been accusing rival Donald Trump of not having a plan to either recover from the coronavirus pandemic or […]

Boning Up on Inverse ETFs for Inverse Markets

Inverse ETFs

With the prospects of an extended bear market on the horizon, investors would be wise to rethink old strategies that end up being completely inappropriate for these markets. If you ask any investor why they invest, and they thought about their answer at all, it surely would be that they are looking to make money […]

Goldman Sachs Recommends Utility Sector as a Buy

Goldman Sachs

Utility stocks had a pretty good year in 2019, where they actually kept up with the market. 2020 hasn’t been very kind, but Goldman Sachs wants us to buck the current trend. Even though the utility sector isn’t really that competitive overall, we always look to view each situation according to its current merits, and […]

Economists Weigh in on Ongoing Economic Recovery

Covid 19 Economic Recovery

In spite of a very ugly second quarter GDP number, the U.S. economy is clearly moving in the right direction. We need to look ahead, not back, to see where we are headed from here. Casual observers may think that going through the worst quarter in history as far as GDP goes would tell us […]

Investors Allegedly Fleeing to “Safer Assets” Now


Treasuries are rallying a bit after we got to see what the GDP losses were last quarter in black and white. The idea that this represents investors fleeing to safer assets is amusing. Yesterday’s article contrasted the fear that people feel about the stock market versus the actual fear that may be going on in […]