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Understanding the Flexibility of ISAs

Individual Savings Accounts

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have become a cornerstone of financial planning in the UK, offering tax-free interest and a secure way to save or invest money. While ISAs are a UK-specific financial product, their principles of tax-efficient saving and investing can be universally applied. This makes them relevant even for a U.S. audience, who may […]

Biden Fires First Salvos in War Against Fossil Fuels

Joe Biden

New president Joe Biden didn’t waste any time attacking the fossil fuel industry. We at least deserve a proper accounting of how these attacks are supposed to help us. As soon as Joe Biden first sat down at his new office in the White House, he already had several executive orders sitting on the desk, […]

Stocks Hit Records as U.S. Dollar Continues to Drop

Stocks hit records

Most people have enough trouble understanding how stocks work, but when you throw in the effects of changing values in the U.S. dollar, things really get confusing. To most people, stocks and the stock market do not seem so hard to understand. When we own a stock, we own a piece of the underlying business […]

Markets Breathe a Little Easier in Aftermath of Election

US Elections & Markets

The sky was supposed to fall on the stock market with a looming Democrat sweep, but it didn’t come crashing down as predicted, and the market breathed a sigh of relief. As the aftershocks of the 2020 election continue to reverberate, for those who are rooting for the stock market, it could have been worse. […]

Wisdom Tree Still Promising a Better Way to Invest

Wisdom Tree

Professor Jeremy Siegal can often be seen in ads promoting Wisdom Tree’s Modern Alpha approach to investing, but how well does his funds deliver on this? Wisdom Tree got into exchange traded funds in 2006, promoting them as “modern alpha” funds. In investing, alpha is the tendency towards price growth, where high alpha investments have […]

Polls Show Trump Has Slight Lead in Economic Management

Donald Trump

With both Biden and Trump showing their cards in their nomination speeches, the relatively small gap in the polls on economic issues portrays a significant knowledge gap. There are a lot of issues at stake in the upcoming U.S. election, set for November 3, and we’ve never seen a race so polarized on so many […]

Financial Advisors Accused of Widespread Gender Bias

Financial Advisors

It should not surprise anyone that there is gender bias out there in the financial advising world, and the only solution is to seek greater understanding, not escalating demands. Few would argue that the financial world is still guilty of a general bias against women. This has historically been a man’s world, from the beginning […]

Stock Market Holds its Breath as Trump Takes His Turn

Donald Trump

The stock market still may underestimate the threat from Biden, still thinking he’s a moderate, but it might not matter, given the way Biden’s campaign is starting to come apart. It’s no secret to anyone who Wall Street would prefer to win the Presidency. This is not a matter of being partisan politically, as like […]

U.S. Inflation Growth in July Surpasses Expectations

US Inflation Growth

A 60-basis point jump in inflation may not seem like much, just 6/10 of a percentage point, but we haven’t seen it grow this much in a month for 30 years. There isn’t anything that matters more to the U.S. Federal Reserve than inflation rates. The Fed certainly wants to steer us away from this […]

USPS Endures Another Gruesome Quarter


We might think that given how much more stuff that people are ordering online now, the USPS would be enjoying a bountiful harvest. They are instead on life support. The mega recession of 2020 has been an unusual one, where we usually see such a thing sink all boats in the aftermath of a slowing […]