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Senate Republicans Propose Budget Stimulus Bill

Stimulus bill

It just got a lot easier to understand how far apart the opposing stimulus views of the two parties are. Democrats want $3 trillion, while Republicans only want to spend a trillion. The first time around, back when the economy was placed in quarantine, it wasn’t so easy to get the Democrats and Republicans to […]

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Defaults Spiking

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

The Great Recession of 2008 is most famous for the massive default rate we saw with mortgage backed securities. Don’t look now, but this problem is back, and in a big way. While just about everyone who was around during the financial crisis before this one, an economic downturn severe enough to not just be […]

Renters on the Brink of a Tidal Wave of Evictions

Renters Evictions

While homeowners have benefited from mortgage deferral payments, deferring paying the rent is a different proposition altogether. Their rising rent bills need to be dealt with or else. As it stands, the month of July is a significant one on the path towards trying to recover from the ravages of our recent economic slowdown due […]

Wells Fargo Flunks Stress Test, Abandons Dividend

Wells Fargo

Almost all of the banks that just took the Federal Reserve’s stress test are allowed to continue dividend payouts. Wells Fargo didn’t fare so well, and their dividend is in detention. Many companies live in fear of investors giving their stocks the big thumbs down if they even trim dividends, let alone cut them off. […]

Nikola Inspiring Interesting Discussions about Short Selling

Nikola Motor Company

Truck maker Nikola’s IPO that launched on June 3 has been red hot, doubling in price already. The amount of short interest in it is causing concern for some people though. When people invest in an IPO, they often do with high expectations, perhaps remembering some famous ones that ended up being moon shots, the […]

Deutsche Bank Analyst Wary of Car Rental Comeback

Car Rental Stocks

Car rental stocks took a particularly big hit from our self-imposed quarantine, like all travel stocks did. They have started to come back, but some remain quite leery. While people rent cars for other reasons, such as when their car is being repaired, the great majority of rentals happen when people fly to a destination […]

Macy’s Generates a Little of Excitement with Bond Issue


The pandemic has hit retailers particularly hard, and this is a sector that was already in considerable distress. Macy’s seems to be doing their best to survive, but don’t get too excited. Before we decided not to allow retail stores to remain open due to fears of the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail sector was already […]