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Monica uses a balanced approach to investment analysis, ensuring that we looking at the right things and not confined to a single and limiting theory which can lead us astray.

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Topics of interest: News & updates from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Forex, Bullion, Taxation & more.

Biden Presidency Conjures Up Fiscal Nightmare

Joe Biden

No matter what party you support, no matter how ignorant you choose to be about exploding our national debt, the consequences of this bites everyone just as hard. As if 2020, the biggest fiscal devastation we have ever dealt with in a single year in history, wasn’t bad enough, get ready for more in 2021. […]

Social Media Censorship Taking Center Stage Now

Social Media Censorship

There’s a lot more on the line for social media outlets than taking away legal immunity or even breaking them up. Their massive abuse of power must be stopped. Social media outlets are presumed to be neutral parties, allowing for a free exchange of ideas among users. That’s the theory at least, although the practice […]

How Much Safer is Gold Over the U.S. Dollar?


In today’s tumultuous times, we are hearing the cry to have more assets in gold to protect us even more loudly than usual. We need to always think first before we leap. On the face of it, it does seem to make sense to consider hedging against losing buying power with hard currencies such as […]

Is it Time to Get Back Into Bank Stocks?

Bank Stocks

While many investors have marveled at how stock indexes have held up so well during this big recession, when it comes to bank stocks, investors do not look the other way. 2020 has been mostly a story of the rise and fall of stocks, or rather, the fall and rise of them. From a fundamental […]

California Wealth Tax Sets Up Interesting Showdown

California Wealth Tax

California state legislators have picked up the ball from radical federal Democrats and are getting ready to propose a wealth tax of their own. This will be an interesting experiment. With the real prospect of a federal wealth tax of some degree on the horizon, should the Democrats gain enough power in the upcoming election […]

Buying on Pullbacks in Current Market Conditions


We are often told by people looking to advise us on managing our stock positions to look to enter on a pullback. We need to understand the rationale before we decide to leap. Anytime markets are moving up, which they certainly are now with the right stocks anyway, it’s common that people who are paid […]