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Monica uses a balanced approach to investment analysis, ensuring that we looking at the right things and not confined to a single and limiting theory which can lead us astray.

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Generation X Lagging Behind Millennials Financially


We wouldn’t normally think that a previous generation would be worse off financially than a preceding one, but at least in some important ways, Gen Xers are worse off. We usually assume that millennials, generally considered to be the generation born between 1980 and the first few years of the new millennia, struggle more than […]

Sanders and Schumer Want to Limit Corporate Share Buybacks

Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer

Companies use stock buybacks to use profits to increase their stock price. Two U.S. Senators want to only allow this with companies who will do business their way. U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer take a dim view of corporate stock buybacks, which they made clear in a guest editorial that just got published […]

Wealth Tax Proposals Spark Visions of Exodus

Wealth Tax

Many people resent the ultra-wealthy, especially those with a billion dollars or more of it. If we want to force these people to live in other lands, we can, but do we want to? In the wake of the splash that rookie Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently made in the media with her proposal of a […]

The Pitfalls of Preparing Your Own Tax Return

Tax Return

While we may think that paper returns are a thing of the past, millions still rely on this. Paper filers are 20 times more likely to make mistakes on their return though. With another tax filing season upon us, it is also time to reflect upon the potential pitfalls out there when preparing your return, […]

U.S. Government Shutdown Gets Temporary Reprieve


The longest U.S. government shutdown in history is finally over, for now anyway. Stock markets weren’t particularly bothered by this either way though as it turned out. Donald Trump no doubt has distinguished himself among U.S. presidents for several things, but the one thing that really stands out is his resolve, or as some people […]

Most Americans Unprepared for Loss of Income


One of the things that the current government shutdown has done is make even clearer just how unprepared many people are for any sort of economic difficulties. Although the U.S. government shutdown is now the longest in history, this has only gone on for a little over a month now, and we’re already seeing some […]

China Considering Dramatically Increasing Imports from U.S.


The crux of the trade war between China and the United States has been the massive trade deficit between the two countries. China has now offered to fix this problem. The most contentious issue with trade relations between the United States and China is the trade deficit between the two countries. In 2017, the U.S. […]

Brexit, China, and Netflix Weigh in on Wall St.

Wall Street

While some may have thought that the Brexit vote had real potential to move markets, it is the currency market and not the stock market that gets moved by these things. The much-anticipated Brexit vote in the U.K. House of Commons is now history, although this story is far from concluded as the U.K. parliament […]