Getting the Basics Right When Investing

Investing Basics

Those who promote conventional approaches to investing are constantly trying to school us on it, but the most important part of learning is being willing to ask the right questions. There has been a movement afoot ever since we got the ability to trade ourselves on the internet. It wasn’t really that long ago when […]

Should the Stock Market Worry About Rising Bond Yields?

Stock markets

The rising yields in treasuries that we are starting to see lately has some people worried that this might put downward pressure on stocks. Should we worry about this? The fact that treasury yields have been rising for a while now, since last August in fact, really should not come as any surprise to anyone […]

Trying to Beat the Market is Not for Amateurs

Investing and Markets

There is a whole industry out there that seeks to beat market returns. This is not a task for amateurs, although a lot of amateurs don’t know they are amateurs. We continue to marvel at how many who think that they have what it takes to beat the market fail at this miserably year after […]

Tesla Wobbles as it Finally Gets Admitted to S&P 500


Being the sixth most valued company by the stock market should definitely qualify as being in the big 500. Tesla simply grew so large that this big gorilla could not be ignored anymore. Like all stock exchanges, the benchmark S&P 500 collection of the country’s large cap stocks does change its collection from time to […]

After Disappointing Again, Berkshire Hathaway Starting to Excite

Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett’s fabulously successful company Berkshire Hathaway hasn’t been exciting at all for many years now. Some analysts are licking their chops over it now anyway. The once mighty creation of legendary investor Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, that he built from a textile mill to one of the world’s largest conglomerates, has showed its age […]

Stocks Hit Records as U.S. Dollar Continues to Drop

Stocks hit records

Most people have enough trouble understanding how stocks work, but when you throw in the effects of changing values in the U.S. dollar, things really get confusing. To most people, stocks and the stock market do not seem so hard to understand. When we own a stock, we own a piece of the underlying business […]

Is Pfizer Stock Really Soaring on Vaccine News?


As so many are reveling in the apparent success of Pfizer’s vaccine trials, we might think that their stock should be going crazy. Lots of craziness, none related to the stock. The headline from Bloomberg when the news of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine achieving a 90% efficacy rate claimed that Pfizer’s stock was “soaring,” and many […]

Investors Need to Beware of Biden’s Storefront Platform

Joe Biden

Many, including the presidential candidates themselves, overestimate the scope of the office. A more ominous threat to stocks and the economy lies behind the curtain. It’s all too easy to stop at Joe Biden’s campaign platform when it comes to assessing the damage that his being elected president will bring to the stock market and […]

Markets Rally in Aftermath of Presidential Debate Brawl

Trump vs Biden - Presidential debate

With a little more than a month to go until the big day, and with Joe Biden continuing to maintain a healthy lead, the market’s hope for Trump being re-elected is fading. For those who were hoping to avoid the pounding that their stock portfolios have in store for them should Joe Biden win the […]

Wisdom Tree Still Promising a Better Way to Invest

Wisdom Tree

Professor Jeremy Siegal can often be seen in ads promoting Wisdom Tree’s Modern Alpha approach to investing, but how well does his funds deliver on this? Wisdom Tree got into exchange traded funds in 2006, promoting them as “modern alpha” funds. In investing, alpha is the tendency towards price growth, where high alpha investments have […]