Promising News on Trade Front Spurs Stock Markets

Steve Mnuchen

Encouraging news emerges on both sides of the trade battle between the U.S. and China. China appears ready to talk, while the U.S. may be relenting a little on tariffs. Many believe that the impasse in trade discussions between the United States and China is weighing down attempts for markets to further recover from losses […]

Fund Giant BlackRock Feels Market is Rebounding

Larry Fink

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, believes that the lows we saw in December may be the bottom, for now at least. He sees the current rebound as a vote of confidence. With the relative market uncertainty that we experienced in 2018, and in particular, during the last quarter of 2018, anything that may restore confidence to […]

U.S. Stock Indexes Advance for Second Straight Day

Bank of America

Positive news from two large U.S. financial institutions served to offset some concerns in the sector from yesterday and further suggests we are in recovery mode. Only a day after financials Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase announced disappointing earnings, which were felt to be a weight upon an otherwise strong market day yesterday, Goldman Sachs […]

Brexit, China, and Netflix Weigh in on Wall St.

Wall Street

While some may have thought that the Brexit vote had real potential to move markets, it is the currency market and not the stock market that gets moved by these things. The much-anticipated Brexit vote in the U.K. House of Commons is now history, although this story is far from concluded as the U.K. parliament […]

Citi Analysis Suggests Bull Market Will Continue

Citi Analysis

With many fearing that we have entered into a bear market with stocks, perhaps indicating a time to exit or pull back, analysts at Citi provide reassurance. Predicting transitions between bull and bear markets can indeed be tricky. While a true bear market usually leaves little to wonder about, 2018 has been one of those […]

Study Shows Investors Make Poor Selling Decisions


While it’s well known that individual investors struggle with selling, even professional fund managers significantly underperform random selections. Whenever we make our own investment decisions, it’s well known that the biggest issue we face is deciding not when to buy something but when to sell it. Individual investors in particular are prone to making bad […]