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Understanding the Flexibility of ISAs

Individual Savings Accounts

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have become a cornerstone of financial planning in the UK, offering tax-free interest and a secure way to save or invest money. While ISAs are a UK-specific financial product, their principles of tax-efficient saving and investing can be universally applied. This makes them relevant even for a U.S. audience, who may […]

Fed Unfazed by Recent Rise in Treasury Yields

Federal Reserve

More than a few people have been caught up in the rise in treasury yields portending inflation. Fortunately, the Federal Reserve aren’t so easily fooled, and prefer facts over misunderstanding. It’s hard to overestimate how deep the confusion runs when it comes to understanding how bond markets work, but fortunately for us, it doesn’t quite […]

Getting the Basics Right When Investing

Investing Basics

Those who promote conventional approaches to investing are constantly trying to school us on it, but the most important part of learning is being willing to ask the right questions. There has been a movement afoot ever since we got the ability to trade ourselves on the internet. It wasn’t really that long ago when […]

A Crisis is Coming as Mental Disease Continues to Explode

Mental Disease

When it comes to providing care for the sick, we have had the luxury of mostly ignoring the economic issues involved. We won’t have this luxury for much longer. When people think of mental disease, they usually think of those suffering from conditions we call psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, although this […]

How Will Reversing Trump Policies Affect the Labor Market?

Labor Market

The cult of Make America Great Again has now been defeated. How will the Biden administration’s efforts to reverse course affect the U.S. labor market? The people have spoken as they say, although in this particular case, serious doubts remain about the legitimacy of last November’s presidential election, one that a great many Americans are […]

Trading Becomes More Politicized as Bears Get Pounded


The alleged attack on short selling hedge funds by amateur traders is stirring a lot of unrest among an uninformed public, including politicians. Understanding these things does help. In spite of how many people invest in the stock market, there is much confusion about how these things work or even are supposed to work. This […]

Biden Fires First Salvos in War Against Fossil Fuels

Joe Biden

New president Joe Biden didn’t waste any time attacking the fossil fuel industry. We at least deserve a proper accounting of how these attacks are supposed to help us. As soon as Joe Biden first sat down at his new office in the White House, he already had several executive orders sitting on the desk, […]

Biden Presidency Conjures Up Fiscal Nightmare

Joe Biden

No matter what party you support, no matter how ignorant you choose to be about exploding our national debt, the consequences of this bites everyone just as hard. As if 2020, the biggest fiscal devastation we have ever dealt with in a single year in history, wasn’t bad enough, get ready for more in 2021. […]

Should the Stock Market Worry About Rising Bond Yields?

Stock markets

The rising yields in treasuries that we are starting to see lately has some people worried that this might put downward pressure on stocks. Should we worry about this? The fact that treasury yields have been rising for a while now, since last August in fact, really should not come as any surprise to anyone […]

Trying to Beat the Market is Not for Amateurs

Investing and Markets

There is a whole industry out there that seeks to beat market returns. This is not a task for amateurs, although a lot of amateurs don’t know they are amateurs. We continue to marvel at how many who think that they have what it takes to beat the market fail at this miserably year after […]