Convertible Bond Fund Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

AllianzGI Convertible Fund

The AllianzGI Convertible Fund is touted by fund managers as producing better returns than stocks while having less risk. Don’t believe everything fund managers tell you. In spite of investors thinking that corporate bonds are generic, they do come in several different flavors, including convertible bonds. Convertible bonds are called that because they start out […]

Municipal Bonds Getting Punched Around by Virus

Municipal Bonds

As paltry as the returns from municipal bonds are, at least compared to stocks, they still attract a lot of investment, due to investors thinking that they are so safe. Think again. We’ve been worried for a while about the potential hit that municipal bonds, or munis, could take from this economic shutdown, and we’re […]

Fed Expands Bond Buying to Now Include Junk Bonds

Junk Bonds

The Federal Reserve normally confines its bond buying to U.S. treasuries, and its buying corporate bonds is a big departure. Buying corporate junk bonds is even more so. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States normally only seeks to manage the economy by taking actions that either increase or decrease the country’s money supply, […]