Boning Up on Inverse ETFs for Inverse Markets

Inverse ETFs

With the prospects of an extended bear market on the horizon, investors would be wise to rethink old strategies that end up being completely inappropriate for these markets. If you ask any investor why they invest, and they thought about their answer at all, it surely would be that they are looking to make money […]

Biotech ETFs Look Promising, But Beware the Promise

Biotech ETFs

With the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, and with the mad scramble for a vaccine, this may seem like a great time to be invested in biotechs. Be careful. We hear all the time that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the worst in 100 years, since the Spanish flu days. Perhaps they have never heard […]

Online Retail ETF Taking a Back Seat to No One Now

Online Retail ETF

Among the stocks that have shrugged off the economic crisis and have prospered though it, nothing compares to the power of online retailers right now, which are red hot. There’s nothing like a recession to depress stock prices, at least normal recessions anyway. 2020’s version, a beast by any measure, has played out a little […]

How Well Have Liquid-Alt ETFs Fared During this Crisis?

Liquid Alternative ETFs

Liquid-alt funds are designed to be more market neutral than normal funds, promising more protection against bear markets. How well have they done during this last one? While many people think of the difference between mutual funds and exchange traded funds, or ETFs, is that you can buy and sell shares of ETFs yourself on […]

Comparing Recent Performance of 3 Vanguard ETFs


Most investors tend to build their strategies not so much for sunny days, but to prepare for when the rain comes. It’s raining hard now, which provides some valuable perspective. While the goal with investing surely is to make money over time, a lot of investors tend to be guided instead by confusion, which can […]

Many Small Investors Duped by WTI Futures ETF

WTI Futures ETF

ETFs can be a nice tool for investors to participate in markets that they normally wouldn’t, like WTI oil futures. We need to look at the ingredients of these ETFs first. Your average investor doesn’t pay much attention to the futures markets, whether this be oil futures or any of the many other commodities and […]

Turning Market Panic into an Advantage with ETFs


While the great majority of stock investors wrestle with the decision of how much to be in or out during these wild times, those more in the know instead see opportunities. Exchange traded funds, or ETFs, have become enormously popular among investors over the last few years, and more and more money is put into […]

ETFs Did Not Have a Tough Last Year as Is Claimed


We might want to think that seeing less new ETFs introduced last year, as well as a higher percentage of them closing, might not look so good for ETFs. Think again. The 2010s were definitely the decade of the ETF, as they made up a huge amount of ground over mutual funds and are now […]

A High Dividend ETF that Compares Well with the Market

ProShares ETF

It seems that some dividend funds can keep up with the market, but this does not mean that they are the best choice. We also need to make sure we factor in both risk and return. The debate about whether paying out higher dividends is good or bad for investors has been going on for […]

BlackRock’s New Sustainable ETF Off to a Good Start

iShares by Blackrock

More and more investors are looking to invest in funds that are governed by social and not just economic principles. BlackRock’s latest offering just beat the record for first day inflows with a socially-focused ETF. BlackRock is the leader in exchange traded funds, or ETFs, although some, including some at the SEC, feel that their […]