Soybeans Look Poised to Continue Runup

Soybean Futures

Technical analyst Andrew Addison tends to look far back into the past for his analyses, which can be pretty wayward, but his bullish view of soybeans looks solid. Andrew Addison of The Institutional View is an interesting sort, a technical analyst who has a particular preoccupation with long-term charts. He certainly takes a lot wider […]

WTI May Oil Futures Completely Blow Up at Expiration

WTI May Crude Oil Futures

Futures contract expiration days can be plenty interesting, and a lot of money can be made, but Monday’s May WTI oil futures trading took us into another universe. A lot of money is made and lost trading oil futures, and there are some epic stories out there already, big traders who got caught on the […]

Managed Futures Funds Reeling After Mass Exodus

Futures Funds

Once the darling of the market, producing consistent gains twice that of stocks for 30 years, managed futures funds have fallen upon hard times. They still might have their place. Managed futures funds seem like such a great idea on paper. The potential return with futures trading dwarfs what anyone could make with stocks, and […]

Managing Long-Term Positions with Futures Trading

Futures Trading

Many investors wish to keep their long-term stock positions for tax reasons, but this involves taking on the full risk involved. Managing this with futures can make sense. It’s pretty easy to manage your positions in stocks just by moving in and out of them as needed. While stocks in general gain in value over […]

Oil Futures Settle in After Monday’s Over-Reaction


Crude oil futures are already known to be pretty volatile, but events over the weekend really set things spinning. Monday brought a huge spike, but we calmed down more Tuesday. Saudi Arabia is already scrambling to recover from the drone attacks on Saturday that caused serious damage to a large oil processing facility and an […]