Tesla Wobbles as it Finally Gets Admitted to S&P 500


Being the sixth most valued company by the stock market should definitely qualify as being in the big 500. Tesla simply grew so large that this big gorilla could not be ignored anymore. Like all stock exchanges, the benchmark S&P 500 collection of the country’s large cap stocks does change its collection from time to […]

Stocks Hit Records as U.S. Dollar Continues to Drop

Stocks hit records

Most people have enough trouble understanding how stocks work, but when you throw in the effects of changing values in the U.S. dollar, things really get confusing. To most people, stocks and the stock market do not seem so hard to understand. When we own a stock, we own a piece of the underlying business […]

Is Pfizer Stock Really Soaring on Vaccine News?


As so many are reveling in the apparent success of Pfizer’s vaccine trials, we might think that their stock should be going crazy. Lots of craziness, none related to the stock. The headline from Bloomberg when the news of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine achieving a 90% efficacy rate claimed that Pfizer’s stock was “soaring,” and many […]

Markets Rally in Aftermath of Presidential Debate Brawl

Trump vs Biden - Presidential debate

With a little more than a month to go until the big day, and with Joe Biden continuing to maintain a healthy lead, the market’s hope for Trump being re-elected is fading. For those who were hoping to avoid the pounding that their stock portfolios have in store for them should Joe Biden win the […]

Stock Markets Bounce Back Intraday on Friday

Stock Markets

Casual observers may see Friday’s stock market action as a continuation of Thursday’s big selloff. Not counting the first hour, Friday was actually a big up day. It’s been quite a while, over 5 months actually, since we have been on high alert for a stock market reversal. Seeing the Volatility Index, or VIX, rise […]

Is it Time to Get Back Into Bank Stocks?

Bank Stocks

While many investors have marveled at how stock indexes have held up so well during this big recession, when it comes to bank stocks, investors do not look the other way. 2020 has been mostly a story of the rise and fall of stocks, or rather, the fall and rise of them. From a fundamental […]

Zoom Stock Blasts Off After Big Earnings Beat


When your stock is already up 378% in the first 8 months of 2020, many may think that it has gone too far already. Don’t look now, but a day later, it’s up to 572%. Zoom is a pretty catchy name if you are looking for a stock to hold, and the prospects of a […]

Stock Market Holds its Breath as Trump Takes His Turn

Donald Trump

The stock market still may underestimate the threat from Biden, still thinking he’s a moderate, but it might not matter, given the way Biden’s campaign is starting to come apart. It’s no secret to anyone who Wall Street would prefer to win the Presidency. This is not a matter of being partisan politically, as like […]

Fed Minutes Scare Markets, For a Little While Anyway

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve released their minutes of their late July FOMC meeting, where they told us things look good. This outlook seems to include another bailout. The minutes from the last Fed meeting back on July 28-29 seemed to have a chilling effect on stock markets on Wednesday, which produced a decline that carried on […]

Robinhood Leading Charge to Democratize Stock Market

Robinhood App

Participation in the stock market used to be limited to investors of real means. Technology has changed all that, and things just got a whole lot more accessible lately. Technology has dramatically changed the way we live, and among the many changes that this has brought, greater and more efficient access to stocks is right […]