After Being So Wrong, Analysts Raise Tesla to a Hold


If there were a Hall of Shame for stock analysts, maintaining Tesla as a sell while it rocketed up the charts would be more than worthy. We try not to be too hard on stock analysts, and understand that given that few of them have much of a clue about stocks, they are going to […]

Health Care Sector Fully Recovers from Infection

Health Care Stocks

In the midst of a pandemic, with all stocks getting bashed, betting on health care stocks coming back was an easy call. Figuring out where they go from here isn’t so easy. During the good times, betting on stocks that are doing well and are in sectors that are doing well is actually a pretty […]

Merrill Lynch’s Mohan Downgrades Apple Again


It seems that every time Apple’s stock price outperforms Wamsi Mohan’s’ view of the company’s near-term performance, he sees it as no longer a buy. In spite of Apple’s rising to becoming the world’s most valuable stock, where it has grown over 95,000% in the last 22 years, the road there has been paved with […]

Buying on Pullbacks in Current Market Conditions


We are often told by people looking to advise us on managing our stock positions to look to enter on a pullback. We need to understand the rationale before we decide to leap. Anytime markets are moving up, which they certainly are now with the right stocks anyway, it’s common that people who are paid […]

European Stocks Allegedly Starting to Outperform

European Stocks

With the U.S. economy still mired in a huge recession, and the economic recovery in Europe further along, this has some people concluding European stocks should be added. You would think that people who are paid for their expertise in advising on stocks would at least pay a little more attention. These are folks that, […]

Dow Will Get Less Help from Apple After Stock Split

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average needs all the help in its losing battle to keep up with the other 2 major stock indexes. Things are about to get even more challenging. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, commonly known as just the Dow, is the grandfather of major stock indexes, going all the way back to […]

Stock Position Limits May Become a Real Issue with Indexes

Stock Position Limits

More and more people are “protesting” against the disproportionate growth of the top 5 stocks in the S&P 500. Amid a sea of nonsense, there’s a valid concern buried within. It’s not so difficult to understand how publicly traded financial assets work, and all we have to do is describe them in the way that […]

Ned Davis Research Fearing Another Tech Bubble

Tech Bubble

The huge bear market that hit stocks in 2000 is generally referred to as the tech bubble bursting, and some people are now in fear of the sky falling now in a similar fashion. With all the talk out there these days about the stock market allegedly moving toward another possible tech bubble bursting, we […]

Recent Stock Market Strength Being “Blamed” on Top 1%

Stock Market

If you start with the hypothesis that the price of stocks should represent the overall economy, maybe it’s not so strange that you would try to blame someone when you are proven wrong. There’s no question that economic crises and bear markets with stocks can happen together, and it’s actually pretty unusual that we see […]

Nasdaq Underperformance Has Some Concerned


It’s not that the Nasdaq has hit another bear market or anything, and the 1.1% that this index dropped this week is not even meaningful. The bears are really taking notice though. People seem to be paying a lot of attention to the Nasdaq this week, given that the other two major indexes, the S&P […]