How Will Reversing Trump Policies Affect the Labor Market?

Labor Market

The cult of Make America Great Again has now been defeated. How will the Biden administration’s efforts to reverse course affect the U.S. labor market?

The people have spoken as they say, although in this particular case, serious doubts remain about the legitimacy of last November’s presidential election, one that a great many Americans are still seriously questioning, even though the debate has now been driven underground due to media censorship.

In the aftermath, as Joe Biden takes his place in the Oval Office, what happened after the election, the management of the questioning of its results, has served to really demonstrate the sheer power that the Democratic Party now enjoys, and is might even be the envy of some totalitarian regimes who wish they could pull off their elections in this manner with so little protest.

It is not that what has transpired cannot be replicated in practice through the use of force and suppression, but the sheer elegance of it this time around is something to behold. We even wonder what more the Democrats and their supporters could have done to interfere with the results of this election, with not even an attempt to hide it, but the way that the party simply made this all go away is the most startling part of this drama.

The Democrats have simply called what has transpired “democracy,” and while the expectation was that the two sides would be disputing this outcome for years, the opposition has now been silenced in a way that should scare all Americans. We knew how powerful the propaganda was on the Democratic side, with the majority of the popular media so viciously partisan in their favor, but stand in awe of how they made this all go away so successfully.

All they have to do is simply deny whatever they want, and that becomes the truth, the whole truth, and the only truth. All they have to do is claim that questions surrounding the legitimacy of this past election has been “debunked,” and that’s all there is to it, where this word gains a magical quality that requires no debunking or even any attention, as we can forever more ignore the issue.

If it didn’t happen according to CNN and other hardline left-wing media outlets, which form the great majority of the media these days, it just didn’t happen. Truth itself gets measured politically now, and their words and the words of their party have now been elevated to the word of God, beyond question or examination.

The attack on the Trump administration by the media started the moment that Trump decided to run for the presidency, and continues on in full force even after he has been sent home to Florida. We’re not even sure what their beef with Trump is, but when you have this much power, you don’t need one it seems, where you can compare someone to Hitler and accuse their followers of being members of a cult without the need for any explanation.

The ultimate expression of propaganda is when you don’t need any reasons, when you can just say it and no one even thinks of what reasons there may be to justify it, and this is exactly what we saw. They managed to work up much of the country into a frenzy of hatred toward Trump, and while we normally attack politicians on their policies, this wasn’t about that, nor was it needed, when you can make the most ridiculous claims imaginable about how evil a politician is seen to be, with merit or even explanation being completely unnecessary.

Even this wasn’t enough, even with all of the celebrity “endorsements” that ranged from celebrities sharing private fantasies involving harming Trump, from wanting to punch him in the face to even wanting to blow up the White House and kill him, and they didn’t even need to share the reasons behind this, because none were needed, as he was simply regarded as a devil by the popular media and the story just got believed.

We went from that to ousting him, and it seems that no stone was unturned to look to influence this result it seems. The fact that the media is allowed to take such a extreme partisan stance isn’t anything we are able to question, as these are private companies that are entitled to favor whichever political party they wish, even to this degree, even holding up realistic looking bloody heads of Trump in front of the camera in a very macabre manner, but the fact that this worked so well without even a hint of merit should deeply disturb us.

It’s not that there isn’t any rationale behind these brutal attacks, but the most they can do is attempt to portray Trump as a racist, a tactic they still continue to use after he is gone, carrying over to the conclusion that all Trump supporters are racists somehow, a cult of racism even, even in the face of no evidence that the former president is actually a racist, and especially none that his policies and actions were, which is the only thing that matters.

This fact would leave them without anything at all to wield against him, and the club may be imaginary but if the people that you are looking to influence can be made to imagine along with you, the truth can be made to not matter at all. While not everyone was fooled, including the daughter of Martin Luther King who supported Trump and spoke out against this ridiculousness, they fooled enough people to make it work to an alarming degree.

There’s also the accusation that Trump was somehow a dictator, where even his waving from his balcony after recovering from Covid was portrayed as Mussolini like, and all you need to make the comparison is the wave. As he departed from the White House, the left-wing media, and it’s almost all left-wing now, bode good riddance to this “autocrat,” and just like they didn’t need any evidence at all to call Trump and his followers racist, they don’t need a shred of it to call him a dictator, when there are no limits on absurdity.

It turned out that the source of these accusations was Trump using his presidential power to sign executive orders, their definition of dictating, and it seems that the framers of the Constitution built in dictatorial powers into the Presidency. Somehow though, their man Biden’s frenzy with issuing these orders doesn’t count, and presumably you aren’t seen as a dictator when these dictums involve matters you agree with.

There is presumably no evidence that this election was anything but completely fair, in a situation where we are left to wonder whether there was a single thing that they missed in trying to do their best to influence the results. The evidence calling the results into question is a long and startling list, but as we look back upon it, all we needed to do is to pretend that none of this happened and just call it “democracy” and that’s exactly what they pulled off.

This is Really What You Call Consolidating Political Power

The definition of democracy has been well extended, and now includes a number of things that we would not normally consider the fair and accurate counting of votes. Democratic party officials have been secretly taped both buying votes and using coercion while “harvesting” ballots. Ballots were also found abandoned in ditches and elsewhere, all votes for Donald Trump.

Ballots were mailed out to all registered voters, including many who no longer lived in the state, or to those who had died some time before the election, up to decades ago. Dead people even managed to register to vote. Signatures with mail-in votes were supposed to be required to verify voters, but they managed to dispense with this, by throwing away the envelopes that contained the signatures and even refusing to check signatures that we did have when the results were in dispute.

The democratic way also allows for things like stuffing ballots of votes for Joe through machines several times, and when staff dared to complain, they got told to shut up. We also have testimony from a worker who worked all night processing mail-in ballots and did not run into a single vote for Donald Trump.

Democracy also includes counties that had more votes than voters, up to three times as many in fact, but voting more than once has now become not only unremarkable but not even worthy of any consideration, an expression of democracy presumably. Observers also testified that they were instructed to put through individual ballots several times, but only ones for Biden, and complaints about this from poll workers fell on deaf ears.

We’ve also managed to somehow ignore things like sworn testimony of voters being coached and coerced by Democratic election officials, their seen filling out boxes of ballots on the side of a Biden Harris van on the street, officials declaring that the policy for spoiled ballots to be given to Biden and insisting that pollsters comply, with some even appealing to their superior’s superiors and hearing the same answer.

Election officials have also been found to have turned down the sensitivity of the signature verification software so that it was rendered completely unreliable, and the election software itself that was used in key states was found to have some serious flaws which have been shown to change votes from Trump to Biden or otherwise fail to count the voting properly. States were also allowed to clearly violate the Constitution by changing the election rules improperly and arbitrarily, and all this ended up falling on deaf ears as well and was allowed to stand.

There’s also the truckloads of ballots that arrived in the middle of the night, with batches such as over 20,000 votes discovered with each and every vote for Biden and not a single one even having a down ballot vote, all uniformly marked by perfect circles that could only come from printing with a machine in haste, to overcome the lead that Trump had during the night and see the people wake up the next morning to a different result.

We also have testimony from individuals that tell us that they trucked ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, taking the surplus votes for Biden that were not needed and finding a higher purpose for them in another state which was much more hotly contested and where these additional votes could make the difference. That’s democracy.

They even went as far as supplying different pens to those in Republican precincts that made it more likely for ballots to be spoiled, and among the spoiled ballots, they allowed Democratic precincts to contact voters to correct their ballots while Republican precincts were given no such opportunity.

Th number of ballots that have been determined to be of a nature to render them invalid has in itself been many times higher than the margin of victory in key states, including not only deceased people but non-residents of the state, ballots from illegal aliens, people who voted other states as well, and even from underage people. Attempts to exclude invalid ballots completely failed, and this and everything else was simply allowed to stand without redress.

We’re not even sure what else they could have done to try to fix this election, but amazingly, none of this actually happened it would seem. The very fact that Republican observers were kept from watching the action and were kept well away so that the vote count could not be monitored is reason enough to invalidate this election, with the ability to check to see if they were cheating denied, but not when no amount of evidence is enough to even question any of this.

If none of this counts as even a reason to suspect anything might have been improper, where even sworn testimony from those who stand to lose their jobs from blowing the whistle does not count for anything, we have to wonder if there is even a threshold that exists where it’s even possible to have any such evidence.

What else is left to detect fraud and manipulation? Perhaps holding people at gunpoint to vote for Biden or be shot would be one, but there’s little they left out. When they can even manage to get the most passionate doubters in the Republican party to stop talking about this, this is like the way the Chinese do it, and we’ve become alarmingly much more like China lately.

Social media and big tech aligning against Trump helped seal the deal as well, and we really saw this manifest after the election. They profess to be against violent content, but somehow Trump telling the protestors who invaded the Capitol to peacefully go home was worth a lifetime ban on Twitter, while threads such as #KillTrump are allowed to fester with no action or regard and perhaps even these ideas being rooted on by these horrendously biased public forums.

They also managed to make the social media platform Parler go away for a time, and there are some Democrats are calling for our even getting rid of Fox News and any media outlet that does not promote their idea of “truth.” Political opponents are now in need of re-programming, the 75 million people who voted for Trump and are therefore members of his cult, even though we still have no idea of why this is a cult or even what deeds this cult is believed to perpetrate other than their supporting the opposing party and their different political goals, including wanting to have more people with jobs.

They not only managed to now silence their political opponents, there are some Democrats who want to at the very least kick out prominent Republicans in Congress for even daring to question the results of this past election, and some even want to throw them in prison. Democrats, on the other hand, are perfectly welcome to question results not in their favor, such as Trump’s election in 2016, with no substance at all behind it, but there is no amount of evidence that is worthy of even considering when their side is the victor.

The Democrats cheered the left-wing rioters as they looted and burned down our cities, even with our new Vice President and others putting up her own money to bail some of these people out of jail, and only backed off this support for insurgence when the polls showed this was a bad idea politically. The Democrats have a different standard for themselves, where Trump encouraging people to peacefully protest in front of the Capitol was seen as inciting violence and even insurrection and was seen as justified to get him impeached once again.

Neither the Constitution nor logic has served as an obstacle to the Democrats as they attempt to remove Trump from office for the second time, even though he is no longer in office this time around. The Constitution does allow the Senate to vote to remove a sitting president, but it does not permit removing presidents no longer in office, a logical absurdity.

The Constitution clearly states that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside over such a hearing for it to be allowable, otherwise the Senate does not have the legal power to hear the case, but this just got ignored. Even a vote to convict would not mean anything, meaningless in practice and beyond the scope of the power of the Senate, which is conveyed upon them by the Constitution and they are not permitted to make things up as they go in direct opposition to the power bestowed upon them.

As for the case itself, Trump is being accused of inciting violence, but this requires an understanding of what inciting means. To incite violence, the incitement in question must actually incite violence, at a minimum to encourage it, to call for it, not incite a peaceful protest as was the case here. Inciting violence requires more than using metaphors like “fight like hell” and requires specific calls of action in no uncertain terms to qualify as incitement, and fighting like hell while protesting peacefully far from qualifies.

No matter, as making sense has never been a constraint to this party, and the end, to smear the former president as much as they can, justifies any means to them, and being patently wrong isn’t about to get in their way or even slow them down. The attack on the Capitol was indeed incited by something, the frustration that so many felt about the most blatant acts of election impropriety being ignored as if none of this happened. They were there to express their displeasure, not to perpetrate a coup, but to speak out against the one that already happened in November.

With the Democrats at the Helm, the Labor Market is Headed for the Rocks

Now that this issue surrounding the election been concluded, and the claims of impropriety being declared debunked without even having to do anything but deny it, we are now faced with the Democrats controlling the whole show, the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Those of us who care about the economy have seen our worst fears now realized. Trump’s cult was actually about trying to make America great again, and specifically, to promote job growth, but that’s all over now and we are turning toward strategies that seek to undo this progress and returning America to not being so great again.

It shouldn’t take much thinking to realize that, given Trump’s agenda to create more jobs for Americans that is now being reversed, this will mean less jobs for Americans. When we throw in some simple economics, it’s easy to understand that this is exactly what we will see.

Joe Biden claims to be a champion of working people, portraying Trump as a friend of the wealthy with no regard for working Americans. The fact that Trump’s claim to fame is how well his policies helped Americans get back to work, with notable effectiveness, doesn’t matter, as promoting jobs doesn’t count as promoting jobs. Somehow, getting rid of jobs does now count.

Biden and the Democrats now will be going all out to get rid of American jobs, in a manner that will be impossible to hide once the effects of these new policies take hold. All of this should be very clear to anyone who bothers to think about this a bit, as reversing the policies of a president who has done so much to create jobs can only mean less jobs, a lot less.

Whether or not you agree with Trump’s overly protectionist views, and we are not fond of this sort of things due to its overall effects on the country, its goal is to promote American jobs and there’s no arguing against that aspect. His strategy of using tariffs to essentially tax Americans and shrink the economy a bit is questionable overall, but protectionism does protect something, and jobs is exactly what it serves to protect.

Freer trade does mean that markets are more efficient, where if something can be produced more cheaply elsewhere, where wages are far lower, does leave people with more money in their pockets, but this means that people in other countries are being paid to make these things rather than Americans. We have to account for this affect, as it does add to the downward pressure on the job market, but nothing like some of Biden’s other policies will.

It is undisputable that the raising of taxes, especially corporate taxes, will cause a shrinkage of the labor market all by itself. This is not even disputable, as this causes the price of goods to rise and demand for things gets reduced at these higher prices. With less things produced, we will need less people to produce them.

Biden’s wish to punish the wealthy punishes the poor even more as it turns out, those with less disposable income who now see the price of everything go up, where they have been barely getting by and now have to settle for getting by with less, including many having their jobs taken away.

Biden also plans to undo the more job friendly regulations of the Trump administration, which also increases the price of things, as well as serving to drive away business toward greener pastures. A big part of this effort of Trump’s was to lower taxes and ease regulations to attract more business, more employment, and more prosperity, and undoing all of this will only have the opposite effect.

Limiting immigration, especially controlling illegal immigration, also serves to protect American jobs, and this one is very easy to figure out because when you fail to do this properly, this serves to add a lot more workers to the mix. In some cases, with undocumented workers, this can serve to fill the gap that minimum wage laws create, where there is a market and a need for jobs that pay lower wages than required by law, but Biden wants to give green cards to 11 million illegal workers, making them legal and adding greatly to the legal job market, reducing both the number of jobs for current Americans and also having a downward effect on wages, which is what happens when you increase supply this much.

This is not even counting the number of new workers that Biden is prepared to accept, and the only good reason not to open up borders completely is that the labor market will become overrun. This is about to happen, and it does not bode well for existing Americans as the labor market gets ready to become a whole lot more diluted.

There’s also the effect of the Democrats’ Green New Deal. President Trump took a more balanced approach to this issue, and the balance is between reducing emissions and other environmental goals and the loss of jobs this causes. President Biden’s balancing this a lot more toward his environmental concerns can only mean one thing, a loss of a lot of jobs, and if this was not the case, we could just proceed with addressing the environment without any worry.

Biden’s seeking to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, more than double its current rate, will add significantly to all this. Biden’s wish to have everyone making a decent wage may be laudable, but what happens when you do this is that you make a lot of these lower paid jobs just go away.

Even at $7.25 an hour, this creates a deficit in the job market where there are many jobs that this wage floor leaves unfilled by Americans, where we are left to rely on illegal workers to fill the void and get paid the market wage that abiding by the law prevents.

We’ve seen projections of up to 3.7 million jobs lost to raising it up this much, and we feel that even the biggest numbers are not high enough to account for all the economic reverberations that this will cause, not just the people who get laid off but all the other people that lose their jobs due to this making things cost a lot more and shrinking demand in turn.

This works the same way as raising taxes does, where there is a certain demand for something at a lower price and a lesser amount at a higher price. The price rises, people can now buy less, and it takes less people to produce less. People get laid off, and now there is even less money to spend on these things overall, leading to even more layoffs from this reverberation.

The movement toward socialism that we are now under also serves to suppress the economy, and this is the big knock against socialism as it reduces the incentive to produce and lowers the bar of productivity and economic growth. This does not only increase the incentive to not produce as much, by way of increased transfer payments, it also causes people to lose their jobs as a result.

What we are left with when all the accounting is complete is that we are in for a very rough ride on the labor front, at a time where we have only recovered partially from the great damage When we account for all the negative effects on our labor market that is coming, this gets added to the detrimental effects of the useless lockdowns and other physical restrictions that we are to a great degree still suffering from.

The Dark Winter is Coming, But It Has Nothing to Do With Covid

The Job Action Network estimates the cost from the combination of the climate change proposals and raising the minimum wage this much at 10 million jobs lost directly, and this does not include all of the other ways that Biden and his associates plan on costing us even more, considerably more in fact. There is indeed a dark winter coming, but it is Biden’s policies that will be blocking out the sun, and on the course that he is planning, it won’t shine again for at least 4 years, and perhaps longer given how his party has so openly used every trick in the book to manipulate the results of this last election.

This is far more than suspicion, in the same way that we would not just suspect someone that we had several credible witnesses testify they saw someone shoot another, and discovered with gun in hand, still warm, and the ballistics showing this was the gun used. The fact that the accused denied the deed should never be a reason to ignore everything else, but that’s what they managed to get us to do.

While the Democratic machine has become powerful enough to pull off a feat like this with such ease, it remains to be seen whether they can successfully divert the people’s attention away from the reality of all these job losses enough to keep them content enough. We wouldn’t put it past them given the specter of what we have just seen.

The divide and conquer approach that the Democrats are now using against their political opponents, and even going after voters who don’t support them, where just being a Republican makes you a white supremacist domestic terrorist, where there is even talk in the party of Republicans needing to be put into internment camps to “deprogram” them, shows that this party is nowhere near satisfied enough with fixing elections and is also seeking to destroy the careers of political opponents and their former staff members, they are now engaging on vile attacks on 75 million Americans who oppose their political ideals.

The U.S. job market is in for a dark winter indeed, and the winter may last a long time given the sheer power of this party, acting with such impunity. While we normally would think that in the aftermath, the electorate would strike back and run them out of town at the first opportunity, given how this Democratic regime rose to power and is now consolidating it by putting down their political opponents, we might think this is Venezuela, not America. The big difference now is just how much more effective the Democratic Party has been to control opposition, leaving the Venezuelans looking like amateurs.

It is especially ironic that the U.S. is now accusing the recent Venezuelan election fraudulent because they used crooked Venezuelan voting machines, which are subject to manipulation, but forget that we also used crooked Venezuelan voting machines in several key states to help Biden get in. There was much more wrong with our election than theirs in fact, and the Democrats got off scot-free.

It’s even better when instead of fending off worldwide censure, you get to where anyone who even questions this gets labeled as an insurgent. It’s not that the totalitarians don’t try to do this, they just don’t succeed anywhere near this well. This especially does not bode well for our being able to decide our elections fairly in the future, where our protests that we cannot breathe may not be near enough to get this boot off our necks that is being laced up by Biden’s team as we speak.

Our propaganda skills are so much mightier than Venezuela’s though, although it will be put to an even bigger test soon. The job market is about to be thrown under the bus, and perhaps they will come up with a way to blame it on Trump somehow. Although we would think that a cogent story would be needed, based upon recent history, this is no longer required in any measure.

The stock market could simply choose to ignore all this in the manner that they ignored the massive number of people who were put out of work by the lockdowns, and do not seem to be the least bit concerned about the prospects of all the job losses that we will soon come to see. It’s doubtful that this could go on indefinitely, and as the quarters of sickening job market numbers pile up, we would at least think that investors would eventually open their eyes to this, but we do not want to just guess when.

As always, it is wise not to assume too much and just watch the action as it unfolds, to get our information from the actual horse’s mouth, the way investors and traders vote with their money. This vote count is always clear and accurate, as hard as people try to misunderstand and miscount it. The market will show us the way, as it always does. Keep your eyes open.

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