Privacy Policy

At, we take the privacy of our users very seriously and take every measure to ensure that it is protected and that all information entrusted to us remains confidential.

Our privacy policy describes how we may collect and manage information about you, on the website and through any other means of communication you may engage with us, and how we safeguard this information, and how you may opt out of the process should you wish.

In doing so, we may need to update this privacy policy periodically in order to continue to guard the privacy of our users and manage the information provided to us in as highly an ethical manner is possible, and any changes made in the future will be published as updates to our privacy policy in this document.

Users will be deemed to have implicitly consented to our using any and all information freely given to us, to be used for our legitimate business purposes, such as distributing information to you, maintaining your profile with us, and other such matters.

Our use will always be limited to these legitimate purposes and you do not consent, nor do we consent, to your information being distributed to third parties, for any purpose whatsoever.

Shall you provide us your email address, you consent to our periodically contacting you by email at our discretion, and also understand that you may withdraw this consent at any time by notifying us that you wish to opt out of future mailings. Your request to do so will always be honored by us.

Should you choose to register your personal information with us for any purpose, we agree to preserve this information in confidence and only use it to  manage our database, and for other purposes directly related to your participation. Any accounts set up with us may be cancelled by either party, by us or by you, at our or your sole discretion.

Providing certain information to us, for instance contact information regarding a question you may have, does not imply that this information will be used for other purposes, for instance being put on a mailing list, which will require a separate and specific consent on your part. Please also see our terms of use page.

Information Collected Automatically

It is the nature of the internet that information when browsing becomes automatically stored, such as one’s IP address, the browser one is using, the URL of the page you came from and the page you left to visit, if any, your geographic location if using a mobile device, and so on, and by operating a website we become privy to some or all of this tracked information, which we may use for the purposes of understanding our traffic patterns.

This is all very standard when you visit any website, and does not require any action on our part to solicit this information, as it is automatically collected. None of this tracking information contains any personal details per se, such as your name, email address, or other personal demographic information.

It is not the purpose of such data to identify anyone specifically, as the intent is to collect this information to analyze it in aggregate form, for such things as seeing where the traffic comes from, what countries it comes from, which pages get visited the most, and so on.

So we do not seek to identify you specifically by having access to this information, nor could we if we wanted to, due to its anonymous nature. We do need to make you aware of such things though and many sites do not, but we seek complete transparency here.

Information Tracked by Cookies

We may also use cookies, which are bits of information that are transmitted from a web site to a user’s computer, which serve to assist users in future visits, as well as help us optimize our site for you.

This information is also used to track your preferences and is very popular among third party advertisers, who may use their own cookies which you may encounter on our site, for the purposes of targeting their ads to suit your preferences and interests better.

These third party advertisers may also track your browsing behavior generally, and this is often the case, which is why you may see ads on a website unrelated to the web site’s content but related to your previous browsing.

Cookies are also collected anonymously, they certainly are specific to the user but not in a personal way, as their only focus is your browsing, not who you are.

Consenting to the Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technology

The way consent is managed with cookies and similar data is to assume consent when browsing a site by way of one’s browser being configured to accept cookies. This is the default mode for internet browsers, and one has to change the settings in one’s browser to deselect the future obtaining of cookies from web sites, and one also has the option to delete cookies from one’s browser as well.

To learn about how to manage cookies with the particular internet browser or browsers you use, refer to the specific browser documentation.

Be aware that there is a type of cookie called a flash cookie which is not managed by browser software and one must make changes to the collection of flash cookies through the Adobe Website where privacy settings can be changed.

Also be aware that blocking cookies may interfere with the functionality of a website, for instance if a log in is required to access a website you may be required to log in each visit, and passwords may not be retained.

While there is no real downside to the use of cookies, users still retain the right to block them, and we certainly respect such choices, although the blocking of cookies in these instances is done automatically and requires no action or consent on our part.


We always seek to respect the preferences of our users and realize that these preferences may differ among users, and want all of our users to have their particular preferences honored. We never want to send anyone something that they don’t want to receive, and want to maintain consent at all times, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

We certainly never sell or share the personal information that you may entrust to us, and only collect such information when it is needed to optimize your experience with us.

You can rest assured that we at are committed to the highest standards of privacy and will continue to be.