Social Media Censorship Taking Center Stage Now

Social Media Censorship

There’s a lot more on the line for social media outlets than taking away legal immunity or even breaking them up. Their massive abuse of power must be stopped.

Social media outlets are presumed to be neutral parties, allowing for a free exchange of ideas among users. That’s the theory at least, although the practice could not be any more different, with these outlets openly and blatantly using their power to direct users toward what they wish them to hear and away from what they do not, according to the social media company’s own opinions and goals.

One of their goals happens to be to promote the left in political debates and to stifle opposing political views. There seems to be no threshold here, no limit to how far they are willing to go to use their platforms as a tool for shaping views, and the contrast between the accusations wielded against President Trump surrounding his accusations of impropriety against Joe Biden and his son Hunter illuminates this perfectly.

Trump famously asked the Ukrainian government to “look into” the conduct of Hunter Biden and his role in influence peddling in the country, as a member of the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. This was seen as significant enough for the U.S. House of Representatives to vote to impeach Trump, and even though the charge was thrown out by the Senate, social media did not take any action to censor the topic, nor should they have.

We now have evidence that Burisma was under investigation by Ukrainian authorities and that the company asked Hunter to help, and additional compensation for this help was agreed on by both parties. Joe Biden then intervened and threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine if they did not have this prosecutor who was going after Burisma fired, and they had until the end of the day. Sure enough, the prosecutor was fired that day, and Biden crowed proudly about this in the media.

Of the two accusations, it should be clear to anyone with a working mind that the accusations against Biden are at least as newsworthy as anything that Trump was accused of. Now that we know what Trump was asking of the Ukrainians, we now know that this was more than Trump just trying to seek to persecute a political rival, as if true, the accusations against Biden and his son are far more serious than anything Trump did, with his merely asking that potential misconduct be investigated, whether or not he used pressure or not as part of his request.

Biden, on the other hand, proudly decreed that he used pressure to punish a prosecutor that was seeking to prosecute this company that his son was openly in cahoots with and is known to have received large sums of money from them for some purpose. There isn’t even a valid reason why an American Vice President would intervene on behalf of a Ukrainian natural gas company to take the legal heat off of them.

There is no other explanation for Joe going to the mat for Burisma due to his son peddling his influence, but in case people would still wonder, we now have emails showing the company asking Hunter to get his dad to help take this heat off them, an additional payment for this service agreed on, and then seeing Joe follow through on their behalf.

This isn’t a matter of Joe being the real criminal here, or at least a far bigger one than Donald was regarding their respective involvement in this case, it’s that social media chose to censor the story, from one of the nation’s largest newspapers.

Facebook and Twitter even had the gall to apologize that they blocked the story and suggested that they would change their rules to prevent this, and the very next day, when the NY Post released another story on this, that one got taken down and blocked as well. They are acting like they are above everything and answer to no one, including Congress, but they hopefully will be in for a big surprise as they get ready to face the outrage from conservatives that is coming.

Senator Ted Cruz heard about the story during the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, tried to tweet it but was blocked, and was outraged. He immediately told us that the leaders of Twitter and Facebook will be coming to Washington to answer for this, and Sen. Tom Cotton described this as declaring war on Republicans.

It is actually fortunate that these social media outlets dared to take such a big bite, as this not only made the story bigger than it otherwise would be, it also will serve to bring to light at least some of the other ways that these companies are using their virtual monopolies to control what people see.

It is very common knowledge that these organizations are using their tremendous power to be arbiters of truth, and truth in this case involves things like trying to influence this election by promoting left-wing political views that they share and stifling or blocking opposing political views. There is much more going on behind the scenes than just taking down the President’s tweets or blocking stories from a major U.S. newspaper.

It’s great that the dialogue has opened up more about how social media uses algorithms to promote ideas and information that they favor and censor or devalue those it does not. This is especially the case with Google, and there are former employees who have blown the whistle on them and describe in documented detail how they use bias to decide what we see and not see. This happens with the other social media outlets as well.

They Have Neither Sense Nor Shame

There does not seem to be any length to how far they will go to help their boy Joe and to make the President look as bad as possible. In 2017, the President spoke about Middle East diplomacy, and used an Arabic word “covfefe,” which means “I will stand up.” Google immediately removed it from their Arabic dictionary, just so they could try to make Trump look bad.

This may have not disparaged their sworn enemy Trump very much, but every little bit helps, and if you need to remove words out of the dictionary to achieve these little wins, that’s a small price to pay perhaps. The moment that Trump got elected, internal Google documents show that undoing this wrong was a big enough priority to be right up there with profits, and perhaps an even higher one, based upon the lengths that they have gone to promote this goal.

While we may bemoan how biased the popular media is in general, if the head of these networks, channels, and newspapers want to spend all their time bashing Trump, as they do, that’s completely within their rights. It is a whole different matter when social media outlets do this, and the reason is that CNN, MSNBC, and others are protected under the freedom of the press provision of the first amendment, as publishers, but social media outlets are not publishers and are instead common carriers like your internet provider is.

Social media platforms cannot rightly be publishers either, no more than your internet provider can, where they exercise their will by not allowing you to see what they do not want you to see to further their personal agendas. Social media ever being editorial is no different than your phone company blocking your calls from Republicans because they wish to prevent them from conversing. There are no scenarios where this control by social media would not qualify as an abuse.

Social media provides a platform to their users, comparable to an internet service provider, which are regarded as common carriers. ISPs are held to the standard of net neutrality, unlike in totalitarian countries such as China who regulate what their people may view on the internet and elsewhere. Your ISP can’t block conservative sites and only let you see the ones that fits their political or other beliefs, and governments in allegedly free societies ensure that they don’t.

Social media providers are at least supposed to be net neutral, but this is far from the case, as we clearly see now. This needs to be made an obligation for them to even be allowed to continue to operate. There may not be a bigger issue now or ever.

While the first amendment in itself only prevents governments from making laws that unduly abridge freedom of speech, they are entitled to pass laws and regulations that protect it, and businesses such as ISPs and telecommunications companies need to be held to the same standard, which the government does so by way of regulation. This is why they cannot prevent you from visiting the sites you want.

Social media companies were originally understood to be net neutral, and have been given legal immunity based on their not having any editorial interest in their content. Several politicians, including President Trump, have threatened to remove this immunity, but the big social media companies have done nothing but stick their tongues out and tell us that they do not care, and threaten even more censorship.

Trying to paddle them with section 230 is not the right approach at all though, even though the companies are not being honest by telling us that they do not care about this, because they surely do. The easiest way around this, and an idea we have not yet seen out there, is to impose regulatory standards on censorship and the weighing of information, such that undue censorship or manipulation would be met with a legal response from regulators, with penalties high enough that they would succeed in ridding us of this blight, which is much more serious than even people very upset about this realize.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have more fish to fry than doing everything possible to get rid of Trump, they have also used this to prevent people from seeking and finding the truth about a lot of things, for instance this so-called pandemic that is going on now. People do not realize just how dangerous it is to use CDC guidelines as a reason to censor, as these social media outlets have done, and suppress or even completely censor views that oppose the CDC.

The problem with this is that who is going to then hold the CDC accountable, as we must? What if they do not have our best interests at heart? What if they stand to make billions from the vaccine patents they own, and the CDC does not just own vaccine patents, they own the patent for all SARS coronaviruses, including COVID-19.

It isn’t about this though, it’s about how social media has suppressed the fact that the CDC has no science on their side and the real science is being suppressed. People believe what they read, they believe such things as hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, and locking down have science behind them, although all of the actual science shows none of these things work. Very few of us knows anything about what is going on with COVID because we aren’t being told, and few have the appetite to go any further down the rabbit hole than just reading the official narrative and just believing it without question.

A big part in the success of promoting lies is keeping the truth hidden, and the media in general, including and perhaps especially including social media, has done their best to cover it up. While more and more of us become more and more aware of the way we have been duped by the media, the great majority of people have very little understanding of what the actual science says about any of this.

These are two epic examples of the dangers of totalitarian censorship, and social media is today our last line of defense because if we cannot share our ideas among ourselves, there is no way to stand against their lies. If they can select our presidents now, that’s bad enough, but if they can turn the world upside down like they have, leaving so many cowering in fear over a situation where overall mortality is not even above average this year, where something that would not even have been noticed if not for this charade is seen as a coming apocalypse, that’s some serious power indeed.

We Can’t Know Lies Unless We Compare Them With Something Else

When the founding fathers contemplated the importance of freedom of speech, they could not even have come close to imagining how much harm could be visited upon us in the information age, where all this power is used to promote not good or neutrality but evil, and there’s no other way to describe the amount of destruction that has been caused in the world from our response to this particular virus.

People have no idea what top actual scientists have said about this all along, and we actually pay attention to the science here and have felt an obligation to share what has really been going on right from the outset The real scary part is just how easily they have fooled everyone and have created a crisis that may indeed be the worst the world has seen for a very long time, maybe ever.

The Spanish Flu may have killed up to 100 million people, compared to the just over a million from this one, but this one at least deserves to be compared on the basis of how many minds were taken this time, and the number is much higher than just 100 million. They have us right now, and if we are to resist this totalitarian regime, we’re going to need an effective platform to do it.

There is a mountain of science out there on COVID, and this increases with each day, but no one cares, and we are for the most part kept from it. Just about everyone believes, for instance, that washing or sanitizing your hands prevents COVID, perhaps by asking the old wives in society, but who has inquired about the science behind it?

You don’t get infected by COVID this way, and we have clearly demonstrated this, where they measured the threshold that was needed to infect someone through the mouth or eyes and found it massively higher than you would ever encounter in real life. You get infected by breathing this into your lungs, and a mask won’t help you, because we do not have a mask fine enough to filter out viruses.

You’d have to block out all the air, like they do in the virus labs. If you can breathe at all, as you must with a mask on, in contrast to the moon suits people who work with viruses use, this accomplishes nothing but to make it harder for you to breathe. They don’t tell you this or anything that is actually science based, and this is just a small example of what is well known by top scientists but is being kept from us. Social distancing with a mask doesn’t help either, as if someone exhales this virus, it persists in the air and anyone breathing in this air even hours later risks inhaling it, masked or not, as this goes right through them.

They also don’t tell you how bad for your health wearing a mask in an uncontrolled environment is, and while surgeons wear them, hospitals bring in actual mask scientists who raise the air pressure and add additional oxygen to prevent hypoxia. Doing this without the adjustments is seen by them as madness and induces states of oxygen depravation by breathing in high concentrations of CO2.

You don’t get too sick from this, things like headaches or a lack of energy or other fairly minor symptoms, but it does have an effect, and one of them is lower immunity. Who needs scientists though when you can rely on old wives to advise us instead, old wives that have gone mad and taken over the world now, and are so warmly hugged by social media companies.

If you lose the popular media and social media to the devil, we need to ask ourselves what is left as far as how we’re going to even contemplate alternative points of view, to even be aware whether we are being led off the cliff by this supernatural Pied Piper. This is why regulation of social media is so important, especially since they have the power to use censorship even more vilely than they presently do.

Threats of taking down section 230 of the Communications Decency Act or even breaking up these companies falls well short of what we need to be doing here. Needless to say though, if you are holding these stocks right now, there is plenty to be concerned about in any case. The real solution is simple and one that we have been campaigning on here for a while now, since this whole thing started actually.

It would actually be best if section 230 were preserved, where internet companies are presumed to be neutral and never edit content unless there is a clear need for it, which does not include the risk of voting for people they don’t like or hearing the truth about other things that go on in the world.

As important as free speech is, there are limitations, where speech that will lead to a clear and present danger needs to be quashed, in the interest of public safety. The same standards that are contained in the first amendment which the courts have applied needs to be applied to social media companies as well, by way of legislation. The same principles need to apply to them, and if we do not, we will be stuck in 1984 forever.

This all affects us financially, and eminently so with these two big issues of the day, starting with seeing Joe Biden and his gang take over the country and decimate our economy. Anyone who thinks otherwise believes in fairy tales, and any tale that suggests that the Democrats won’t crush our economy is a complete work of fiction, fiction designed to misrepresent the truth.

The call for more lockdowns will also punish the economy, more than it already has, and it’s done plenty already. Joe Biden is a combination of the two, where he wants to punish us by way of fiscal policy as well as seeking to encourage more of these hideously harmful lockdowns.

Viral outbreaks get worse in colder weather because viruses spread more indoors where the concentration of exhaled viruses is much higher than outside. Ideas that intentionally keep people outdoors during a viral outbreak is a prescription for disaster.

Many of the deaths from older folks that are allegedly from COVID but are instead from pulmonary embolism, blood clots in your lungs so severe that you can no longer breathe. We have been found a lot of this to be caused by the lack of physical activity with these elderly folks where these clots develop in their legs and move to their lungs, one of many ways that we are killing a lot of extra people through forced quarantine.

Even the WHO is telling us that lockdowns are a bad idea now, and as lost and as corrupt as they may be, it’s that obvious now. Joe Biden wants to shut us down anyway, and he is either that dim or has gone all in with the narrative that Trump has killed 225,000 people by not ordering a much more severe lockdown, so if lockdowns are no good, there goes the main plank in his delusionary platform and he now risks being seen as the villain.

The media is so hell bent against Trump that it might even be plausible that this whole COVID thing is just a means to better ensure that he loses, by creating this hideous mess and then blaming it all on him. They are even comparing him to Hitler, and do not even need a single plausible reason to substantiate this, blaming him for both every death and every dollar lost through lockdowns he strongly opposed throughout. The world has now officially gone crazy.

An even bigger issue than this is the way that we have let ourselves be controlled by the media, where the antidote to a biased media was the media of the people, the free exchange of ideas through social media and the internet that we rely on so much now. It’s not that it is all that hard to find the truth about things, but people do not want to do a lot of research to find it, nor should they have to.

Tom Cotton is absolutely right, as this has now become a war upon conservatism, but it is also a war against all of us, and they have unleashed weapons of mass destruction upon us now. It’s also a war on the economy, a piper that will demand to be paid, which has also been nuked along with our minds and has people’s brains so dulled that most just nod along like imbeciles now.

The world stands at a crossroads as we peer into this abyss with hardly anyone seeing the fire and brimstone that we are mindlessly walking into. Social media regulation may even be the most important issue of our time. We can only hope that enough of our politicians will heed the call to covfefe, to stand up, while we still can manage to stand, while we still remember what standing up means. If we don’t, we stand to lose a lot more than just the value of our portfolios. Meanwhile, we need to pay close attention to our internet stocks, because the battle may be just beginning. We can only pray that it is.



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