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Investors Need to Be Particularly Careful Right Now

Many investors, including both individuals and institutional investors, get excited about the opportunities that high market volatility present. We need to be careful out there. You don’t really know how confused that you are if you are among the confused. In order to be able to tell, you need some sort of benchmark to compare […]

Mortgage Market

Economic Concerns Spill Over into Mortgage Market

During the last financial crisis, mortgage lending was at the forefront. This one is far broader. Mortgages are caught up in this big net as well, but not as much as some think. Those who remember the financial crisis of 2008 will have a pretty good idea of how big of a deal the mortgage […]


How Investors Can Really Cash in on a Rebound in Oil

Oil stocks have been infamously bad for a long time, but nothing on the scale of what has happened lately. Oil is simply too important to be kept down this low for all that long. Our economy has run into a brick wall lately, which has a lot of investors scurrying around for opportunities. Among […]

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans Get a Little Help from Virus Fiasco

Among the over $2 trillion in the new Cares Act is a couple of provisions to help people with their retirement accounts during the virus panic. These changes deserve to stay. The coronavirus scare has had many people scrambling to make ends meet due to a loss of income from the widespread shutdown that the […]

Municipal Bonds

Do Municipal Bonds Look That Tempting Right Now?

David Hammer of bond king Pimco is doing his best to drum up more interest in municipal bonds. Their little scare may be over, but there’s little to be excited about here. There are three main types of bonds that people can invest in, which are sovereign bonds issued by federal governments, such as U.S. […]


Stocks Continue to Climb Despite Exploding Unemployment

The number of new unemployment claims in the U.S. blew up to 3.28 million, but we all knew that this was coming. This included the stock market which continued upward. It might not seem to make much sense that we could get the worst jobless claim report in history and see the stock market rally […]


The Right Way to Hedge Against Inflation Risk

Inflation eats away at all assets, where it gets deducted off the top from our assets. Inflation going up is a concern to many, but the best way to beat it is to just beat it. Inflation risk in principle applies to all investors, although it is more of a concern to those who shoot […]

Federal Reserve

Fed Goes All in With Quantitative Relief Program

While the bickering in Congress over a fiscal stimulus bill of enormous proportions continues, the Fed has thrown caution to the wind and will even be buying ETFs. Given that the Federal Reserve has already gone to the felt with interest rate cuts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are finished. They do have some […]

Stock Market

Market Technicians Weigh in on Big Stock Slide

Technical analysts at least look at what really matters when looking at stock prices, the actual prices. Even when we’re looking at the right thing, it’s important to use our heads. Among the various ways that we can study the movement of stock prices, studying the actual price trends makes the most sense by far, […]

Knowledge is Power

Most people grossly underestimate the importance of gaining an adequate understanding of personal finance. They may feel that this is something that simply isn’t important enough to focus on too much, or something that is given over to an advisor, and perhaps is only needed by those wealthier than themselves.

However, matters relating to personal finance end up having a very big impact upon our lives. We dedicate a large part of our waking hours to personal finance, earning money that will be used for various purposes. A very significant portion of our lives is affected by the financial decisions we make, both now, and especially in the future, both short and long term.

People do seek to be able to have more control over their financial situation, but tend to focus their interests on narrow topics such as seeking to get a better return on their investments, but lack the holistic understanding and approach that is required to truly master this area of life.

If one truly is looking to manage their personal finances properly, as they should be, this is going to require one looking at all aspects of their life that pertain to their financial well being and direct and make changes so that they can maximize their goals.

The Mission of MarketReview.com

The mission of MarketReview.com extends well beyond just providing investment advice, although that’s certainly part of the picture, and a meaningful one. It’s far better by the way to look to empower investors to be able to make their own sound decisions, and a hot tip or some information on a particular form of investing will only take you so far, and will leave you unprepared to manage the very dynamic nature of investing.

Investing, and personal finance in general, is a lot about managing change, and to do that you have to be prepared to confront the new challenges that present themselves over time. This can only be achieved through understanding, and even if one is just looking to act upon the advice of others, understanding is needed to even be able to evaluate the quality of this advice.

So a big part of looking to empower you to manage your own finances effectively is to look to educate you to think for yourself, and therefore you will find that this is a big focus on our site. This is not by the way something that you can be selective with, looking to gain knowledge on particular aspects of personal finance, as it is required that we be well informed about all aspects pertaining to managing this aspect of your life well.

The Scope of MarketReview.com

While other sites offering financial information tend to focus on particular aspects of personal financial management, we instead prefer a holistic approach that encompasses all of the major areas that influence one’s financial well being.

This starts with financial inputs, which include all sources of income, both employment and business income as well as investment income. One must dedicate the proper resources to obtaining the level of income that is desired, the making money part of it, as well as looking to make that money work for you, the investing side.

Unlike generating income from one’s own resources, where the more the better, provided that you don’t work too hard and end up with net unhappiness, investment income must be tempered by one’s risk tolerance, which involves factors beyond simply what one may be comfortable with.

A lot of this balancing has to do with what one’s goals are, and these goals should be clearly set out, saving a certain amount for retirement for instance. Only then can we evaluate properly whether a certain strategy is in harmony with these goals or whether it should be adjusted.

There are three main components of a personal finance strategy, with savings being the first one, the money set aside from one’s income, and how we put these savings to work being the second component.

The third component is very important as well, and this is how we spend our money, the money we earn from our work as well as the money earned from our savings. There is perhaps nothing more important as managing our spending, as this directly relates to how much we can save and in turn how much we can earn from investments.

So it’s very important to look at all three elements here and strive to optimize them according to our overall plan, and we provide you on our site with insights into managing all of these factors properly.

It’s All About Making the Right Choices

Managing your personal finances always comes down to choosing one course of action over another, and hopefully the correct choice. This is a highly personal thing and really comes down to what one’s values are, and these values serve as the foundation of the plan, what the plan is looking to maximize.

Money is merely a means to an end, so the end does matter, a great deal actually. It is not just a matter of accumulating as much wealth as possible, this wealth is built to enjoy, to various degrees and through various means, as one chooses.

So while one must understand the various things that go into sound financial management, such as getting the most out of one’s investments, minimizing interest costs, or spending wisely, one must also understand oneself, and how to use financial management to maximize one’s happiness overall, over time.

The MarketReview.com Advantage

So this is why we call our approach a holistic one, and if you are looking to improve your understanding and your management of personal finance, you need to look to all areas that pertain to it. There are very often areas that get overlooked, but if you really want to succeed, you must master all aspects.

Our expertise extends to all of these aspects, combining a deep understanding of all matters related to finance with the right amount of practical wisdom to ensure that you are best set up to understand and implement the needed changes.

We invite you to join us on this journey toward practical mastery. Our articles are geared toward educating people of all levels of present knowledge, and increase your subject matter expertise whether you are new to this or are pretty savvy already.