Concerns Emerge Over Rush to Anti-COVID-19 Meds

Covid 19 Medicines

There is a strong belief persisting that our economy and way of life won’t return to normal until we have a medical solution to this outbreak. Some fear we are rushing too much.

We should think that it is at least odd or even bizarre that so much is being put on our needing pharmaceutical interventions to free us of the virus that we call the coronavirus, COVID-19. You hear all the time that we’ll never get back to normal until we have either a treatment or a vaccine, especially a vaccine which the world is waiting for with baited breath while they cling to one another, or perhaps would if they were allowed.

Aside from our starting to stick our toes in the water in several places around the country now, in an attempt to gradually get back to normal in the majority of states that have mandated physical and economic controls to seek to prevent the spread of this virus, we also need to address what lingering concerns both authorities and the public still have about actually returning to normal, where we put this outbreak behind us and hopefully reflect on what we have done and how we might have done it better.

You don’t hear all that much about the need to discover effective treatments for the disease, as most of the attention has been on coming up with a vaccine to save us. Never mind that the minimum amount of time that it is required to come up with such a vaccine extends well beyond the projections that we have for this virus to run its course, because this would require that we set aside our hysteria to consider, a task that many are unable to manage.

This war is going on right now, and even though Mother Nature has fired back and is beginning to regain control, the bodies continue to pile up and we have a way to go yet to get this to the point where the level of infections and deaths are reduced to an insignificant amount as we have seen in the Far East. While the level of concern people have has dissipated a bit, and will continue to do so as we continue to work our way out of this, the goal has to be genuine normalcy, where we can get back to doing what we were doing before without worrying about getting infected with this virus.

Our normal way of life requires that we be in close proximity with others, and while many may think that what we have come to call social distancing is the new norm, it cannot be without serious economic consequences. We cannot just separate people like this, reducing capacity to half what it normally is for instance, without having a great impact upon all of the businesses that just cannot bear the impact of this.

If we only allow half the normal people at restaurants for instance, they will have to charge a lot more, and you don’t have to be an economist to imagine what would happen. Big price increases reduce demand, where a certain number of people, a healthy amount, may wish to pay $20 for a meal, but if you have to charge $30 to make a profit now, because your capacity has been reduced either by decree or by fear, this is not going to work out to net neutral and your ability to stay in business now becomes threatened.

There will be a certain segment with the means and desire to pay these higher prices, but this business competes with eating at home, and the demand for these things, or things like taking vacations, is pretty elastic. This means that the price affects demand considerably, where charging more will produce inefficiencies and ultimately reduce or eliminate your profit as the price rises, and may also eliminate your business in turn.

We may think that all we need to do is accept the “new normal” of social distancing, but like full-blown shutdowns, this does come with real economic consequences and we need to be aware of what we are accepting.

This goes beyond just making it a lot more expensive to do certain things, as the ripple effects upon the macro economy will reverberate to each and every sector. The battle cry these days has been that we’re all in this together, and economically, this is more than just a slogan, it is very real, as in we’re all set to suffer together if we do not get enough of a grip on the situation and on ourselves.

The scariest part of this view is that this may not be a demon that we will be able to slay even when this viral outbreak rides off into the sunset, as it is expected to in the coming months. If we are still on the edge of our seats fearing that it will come back, and even though you would think that worrying about a virus that is no longer circulating bordering on paranoia , paranoid may define the new normal when the current beliefs of many are accounted for.

Shutdowns have profound effects upon the economy of course, effects that many are now tiring of and are pushing us to reopen our economies more. The affronts on civil rights that we have so eagerly pursued are simply incredible, and although the recent tirade of Tesla’s Elon Musk may have been a little over the top, as this hasn’t been outright fascism, it is undoubtedly far too close to it than we should ever even consider in a society that is at least supposed to be founded upon placing constraints upon the infringement of liberty as the United States was.

It seems that obeying the constitution is a voluntary practice though at certain times, and all governments need to do is to tell us that they will take a break from it and just have their people decree whatever they wish, whether or not they violate constitutional rights, and whether or not there is even law behind these decrees. All you have to do is declare a state of emergency and go from a democracy to a dictatorship it seems, and the people then are forced to submit to your dictums whether they like it or not.

We do need to realize just how dire the predictions were about this outbreak, and how these clearly trumped up forecasts were sold as justifications for wielding such legal and political power. While the situation not unfolding anywhere near as badly as we were told has had its effects, we’ve moved on to our being told that what is coming is the real beast and we must remain vigilant.

When we look at the forecasts of these alleged coming new waves with this outbreak, even those whose goal appears to seek to maximize fear cannot draw these graphs in a way that should startle anyone, involving much smaller aftershocks that look more like ripples than waves. We don’t even need this cooked-up data to tell us this though, as when a substantial percentage of the population is hit by the first wave, there’s a lot less people around to become infected.

This is just nature running its course, but somehow, we’ve developed a big mistrust of nature and think that we are the only ones that can change the vector of infectious disease enough to survive them. It turns out that there is a lot of money to be made from these things and the level of propaganda with this topic far surpasses anything we have ever seen in our history already, so it is far too much to expect this practice to not continue to be zealously pursued now, in the face of such a great opportunity.

Safety with Medical Treatment Matters a Great Deal, and We Must Tread Carefully

All we have to do is to compare this propaganda with the actual science, which you would think that we would be doing already, if not for the fact that this propaganda has hidden the truth from us so well that very few know what’s even going on in this world.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the anointed leader of the fight against coronavirus in the U.S., himself shows us the gap between the two. Wearing his propaganda hat, he famously told us that COVID-19 was 10 times deadlier than the flu. At the same time, he co-authored a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine which concluded that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).”

The amazing thing about this is that he actually told the truth to someone at least, given how much health authorities are under the thumb of pharmaceutical companies, as this is the sort of thing that is normally suppressed, in a way that does not even pretend to be seeking the truth, in spite of what they may tell us.

While we have now surpassed the estimated 60,000 deaths from influenza in 2018, we also need to keep in mind that COVID-19 has been shown to spread at twice the rate of the flu, and when the final tally is in, it is now even hard to imagine Fauci not being right about his observations, that this virus is “more akin” to the mortality rate of severe seasonal influenza than to the stuff straight out of a horror movie that even Fauci himself was trying to sell us in front of the camera, when he told us this new thing was 10 times deadlier.

The pharmaceutical lobby in the United States is the largest one by far in terms of dollars spent, and we’ve known for a long time how blatant their influence has been, and they do not spend these billions for nothing. Most are unaware that there are two distinct tales to be told, the one that concerns pharmaceuticals, and the story of how vaccine regulation has emerged, with their earning a separate designation called “biologicals” which have become immune from the same oversight as pharmaceuticals are under, and this is something that we need to be even more concerned about as we await a coronavirus vaccine.

The view out there is focused on concerns about rushing both treatments and vaccines, where the rush that we are under will see us set aside the normal amount of safety testing that we do prior to introducing new treatments and vaccines for widespread public use.

Under the circumstances, we have approached seeking treatments with considerable caution, and while we certainly would want to use an abundance of caution when using novel treatments, instead of ones that have been around for years and have what is at least understood as a good risk to benefit ratio in use against other infectious agents.

When someone like a very sick coronavirus patient is already in considerable danger, the risk tolerance goes up, and this is usage that we call compassionate exceptions but it’s not even a matter of compassion as it is understanding how these conditions alter the amount of risk that we should be willing to take on. It’s the benefit side of this that changes when we go from treating conditions of fairly minor consequences to one that the patient may very well die if we withhold the treatment.

The sheer power of the pharmaceutical industry shows itself in the type of treatments we entertain though, and this therefore is somewhat of a concern, seeing treatments like intravenous Vitamin C that has been used successfully in China and other potential non-pharmaceutical solutions get excluded out of hand. Their mantra is always that there is no evidence, and whether there may be mountains of it doesn’t make any difference because they haven’t even looked and this is all just a ruse.

Intravenous Vitamin C actually has a long history of success in treating a number of conditions, including viral infections, and its use was popularized by Dr. Fred Klenner in the 1940’s and 1950’s, when he used it with polio patients and cured every patient he treated, including restoring normal function in those paralyzed. This treatment is becoming even more mainstream now with the National Cancer Institute recommending it now as a treatment option. The folks in China who used this successfully in treating COVID-19 are all conventional doctors, and the difference appears to be the strength of the lobby against these things in the U.S. which is powerful indeed and almost all-powerful.

The stock market has swayed back and forth with every development in this area, where we see pretty big moves whenever some positive news is announced, no matter how minor, as well as dropping when hope of a treatment gets diluted.

There doesn’t seem to be much to worry about on our going too far with medications that already have been shown to have an acceptable safety record, but if and when we start dealing with new drugs, we definitely don’t want to be rushing this too much, and people at least have a reason to worry about this.

They Tell Us Vaccines are Safe, But Their Words Don’t Count for Much

Vaccines, on the other hand, are a completely different animal, and the idea of our maintaining our normal safety protocols and requirements with vaccines is pretty amusing as well as scary to those who are aware of what really goes on with vaccines.

The mantra of vaccines being safe just gets repeated, but if you are up to asking why we’re supposed to believe this, it turns out that we actually did do some independent meta-studies on this, and the studies are cited by the authorities as their proof of safety. These studies do find a causal link with a few of the conditions suspected to be caused by vaccines, but with the great majority of them, they find that we don’t have evidence to say anything on this one way or the other, because we haven’t bothered to do safety testing.

They recommend that more is done, but this is ignored by the CDC and they have the gall to cite this as proof that their vaccines are safe. Not a single vaccine in history has ever been subjected to a real experiment with placebo controls, and they believe that to do so would involve withholding doses which they claim is unethical, without realizing how much more unethical it is to dose millions of people each year with substances that have not been shown to be safe and come with a litany of startling correlations.

They do some controlled studies, sort of, where the control group gets either another vaccine of theirs and both produce the same side effects, or test them against a group that is given aluminum injections, a known neurotoxin and one of the main suspects in the dangers of vaccines. With the aluminum studies, they started out with just giving folks the same amount that comes in the vaccine, but the goal here was to produce comparable side effects, and when this was too little, they doubled and then tripled the aluminum dosage in the “placebo” until the desired results were obtained.

The committees who supervise vaccine safety and implementation are chock full of either industry insiders or those who have been shown to have a financial stake in them, including the CDC itself who owns billions of dollars’ worth of vaccine patents and makes a fortune on them.

This horror show really got ramped up in the mid 80’s, when the concerns about liability among vaccine makers rose so much that they told Congress that they would not produce any more unless they were given legal immunity. Congress gave in to this blackmail, and that’s when the vaccine factories really started pumping them into us, and the number of vaccines we are given and the incidence of many diseases exploded in lock step. The fox was given title to the henhouse and without having to worry about being sued anymore, or about safety anymore.

Any evidence that goes against their grand plan to inject as many people with as many vaccines as they can gets aggressively quashed. Among these are the study that the CDC’s own Dr. William Thompson conducted on African American young men who had been given the HPV vaccine which is alleged to decrease cervical cancer in women.

Boys don’t have a cervix of course but they do have arms which is enough to qualify for any vaccine it seems. The CDC seemed to be hoping that the study showed this vaccine to be relatively harmless but it turns out that these young men were particularly genetically prone to the ravages of the vaccine, and Thompson and his colleagues were ordered to destroy all of their documents and the damning evidence.

Thompson secretly kept his and later blew the whistle on the caper by presenting them to Rep. Bill Posey, who was outraged. The story got paved over, and boys of all races still get this vaccine, because this is all about selling vaccines, obviously.

If people think that we will need a certain threshold of viral activity for a COVID-19 vaccine to be pushed on them, they need to think again. It isn’t even that the threshold is low, there just isn’t one. We only need consider the practice of giving Hep-B vaccines to babies at the tender age of 12 hours, and the fact that none of these babies are at an age where they may become sexually active or use intravenous drugs to get an idea of the lack of any control or reason.

By the time they get old enough for this to matter, any protection that the vaccine provides is long gone, which has even been confirmed. Who needs a benefit to vaccinate though? By the way, since this practice was started, the first-day mortality rate among U.S. babies skyrocketed, to the point where we now have 50% more infants die on day 1, the day this is given, than the rest of the other industrialized countries combined.

To think that this utter disregard for human safety in the name of profit is the baseline, and we have to worry even more about their disregarding it further, is almost incomprehensible. If you don’t care about this at all now and act with complete impunity already, it may not matter though.

As sad a story as COVID-19 has been, as big as an effect as it has upon both humanity and our economy, we might want to consider what happens if we allow the current projection of 1 in 2 kids being autistic by 2032 to happen. When we account for these kids and those who must provide full time care to them, how many of us will be left to do everything else?

This scenario would be completely devastating economically of course, in addition to being beyond the imagination from a health perspective, and regardless of what is behind it, we need to go all in to stop this explosion before it is too late. This upcoming battle for survival greatly overshadows our current concerns, the number of people out of work now, the number that have been taken by this virus, as bad as that has been, and we cannot allow such a catastrophe to ever happen. This will require that we start seeking answers rather than just accepting what we are told.

If we are willing to subject ourselves to mass vaccination against this virus whether we need it or not, and there is no good reason to think this virus will even be around then, we at least should be wondering about its safety and requiring more than just their telling us that it is safe. Just seeing people wonder about this now is at least a start.

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