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Andrew Liu


Andrew is passionate about anything related to finance, and provides readers with his keen insights into how the numbers add up and what they mean.

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Apple Revenue Declining, but Stock Moving Up


Apple’s after-market earnings call did not paint a very rosy picture, and more disappointment is expected. How could its stock rise by 5% in after-market trading then? Apple’s shrinking revenues are no secret, both among analysts and even among many individual investors, who generally do not watch such things very closely. They may be aware […]

Markets Expect Fed to be Patient with Economy

Federal Reserve

With the next Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting set to begin on Tuesday, investors anxiously wait, not for a hike or not, but for more information. Few people expect that the Fed will raise interest rates during the upcoming two-day Open Market Committee meeting scheduled to begin this Tuesday, but this one isn’t really […]

IBM Stock Surges Ahead by Exceeding Expectations


While IBM reported a second consecutive quarter with drops in revenue, it’s really all about beating expectations, and IBM clearly did that, pushing its stock further up. IBM released its 2018 Q4 numbers after the market closed on Tuesday, and while revenue decreased by 3.5% during the quarter, the overall message was a better one […]