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Fed Unfazed by Recent Rise in Treasury Yields

Federal Reserve

More than a few people have been caught up in the rise in treasury yields portending inflation. Fortunately, the Federal Reserve aren’t so easily fooled, and prefer facts over misunderstanding. It’s hard to overestimate how deep the confusion runs when it comes to understanding how bond markets work, but fortunately for us, it doesn’t quite […]

Getting the Basics Right When Investing

Investing Basics

Those who promote conventional approaches to investing are constantly trying to school us on it, but the most important part of learning is being willing to ask the right questions. There has been a movement afoot ever since we got the ability to trade ourselves on the internet. It wasn’t really that long ago when […]

How Will Reversing Trump Policies Affect the Labor Market?

Labor Market

The cult of Make America Great Again has now been defeated. How will the Biden administration’s efforts to reverse course affect the U.S. labor market? The people have spoken as they say, although in this particular case, serious doubts remain about the legitimacy of last November’s presidential election, one that a great many Americans are […]

Should the Stock Market Worry About Rising Bond Yields?

Stock markets

The rising yields in treasuries that we are starting to see lately has some people worried that this might put downward pressure on stocks. Should we worry about this? The fact that treasury yields have been rising for a while now, since last August in fact, really should not come as any surprise to anyone […]

Tesla Wobbles as it Finally Gets Admitted to S&P 500


Being the sixth most valued company by the stock market should definitely qualify as being in the big 500. Tesla simply grew so large that this big gorilla could not be ignored anymore. Like all stock exchanges, the benchmark S&P 500 collection of the country’s large cap stocks does change its collection from time to […]

Is Pfizer Stock Really Soaring on Vaccine News?


As so many are reveling in the apparent success of Pfizer’s vaccine trials, we might think that their stock should be going crazy. Lots of craziness, none related to the stock. The headline from Bloomberg when the news of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine achieving a 90% efficacy rate claimed that Pfizer’s stock was “soaring,” and many […]

Economy on the Line as America Prepares to Vote

US Election 2020

Next week’s election may or may not be the country’s most important ever overall, but it certainly is the biggest ever for the economy. We’ll look at the issues from the economy’s perspective. What makes the 2020 U.S. presidential election stand out so much is how different incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden differ […]

Investors Need to Beware of Biden’s Storefront Platform

Joe Biden

Many, including the presidential candidates themselves, overestimate the scope of the office. A more ominous threat to stocks and the economy lies behind the curtain. It’s all too easy to stop at Joe Biden’s campaign platform when it comes to assessing the damage that his being elected president will bring to the stock market and […]

Stock Markets Bounce Back Intraday on Friday

Stock Markets

Casual observers may see Friday’s stock market action as a continuation of Thursday’s big selloff. Not counting the first hour, Friday was actually a big up day. It’s been quite a while, over 5 months actually, since we have been on high alert for a stock market reversal. Seeing the Volatility Index, or VIX, rise […]

Writer Shows How a Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

Finance Knowledge

Financial writer Tim Denning recently did an article on the national debt and other assorted matters of interest to investors. He shows us how low the bar really is. We originally were attracted to a recent article by Tim Denning, a freelancer who writes for several popular financial media sites, with a title that would […]