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Amazon Breaks Earnings Records, Stock Gets Punished


The numbers for the last quarter for online retail giant Amazon is in, and the numbers are very impressive indeed. In spite of the company breaking all-time earnings records, the stock has dropped almost 5% in after-market trading since this seemingly very good news was released. Some may pass this off to the sheer fickleness […]

U.K. Braces for No-Deal Brexit Aftermath


With the March 29 deadline looming, and he U.K. and the European Union far from reaching an agreement, the unthinkable no-deal might actually happen. The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, which is now only 60 days out. While this has been seen by many as a step […]

Earnings Results from Chip Manufacturers Spring Hope


Shares of semiconductor companies have been struggling lately amidst concerns of declining demand. Three of them reported positive quarterly results today though. Three major chip manufacturers released their quarterly earnings Wednesday, with all providing encouraging results. Texas Instruments, Lam Research, and Xilinx saw their earnings announcements beat expectations, and with a sector that is seen […]

Study Shows Investors Make Poor Selling Decisions


While it’s well known that individual investors struggle with selling, even professional fund managers significantly underperform random selections. Whenever we make our own investment decisions, it’s well known that the biggest issue we face is deciding not when to buy something but when to sell it. Individual investors in particular are prone to making bad […]