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Robert really stands out in the way that he is able to clarify things through the application of simple economic principles which he also makes easy to understand.

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A Crisis is Coming as Mental Disease Continues to Explode

Mental Disease

When it comes to providing care for the sick, we have had the luxury of mostly ignoring the economic issues involved. We won’t have this luxury for much longer. When people think of mental disease, they usually think of those suffering from conditions we call psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, although this […]

Trying to Beat the Market is Not for Amateurs

Investing and Markets

There is a whole industry out there that seeks to beat market returns. This is not a task for amateurs, although a lot of amateurs don’t know they are amateurs. We continue to marvel at how many who think that they have what it takes to beat the market fail at this miserably year after […]

Former Fed Chair Yellin Named New Treasury Secretary

Janet Yellin Named New Treasury Secretary

One of the real fears of a Biden presidency is who he might appoint as Secretary of the Treasury. Janet Yellin is at least a more palatable option than someone like Elizabeth Warren. To go along with the country’s first female Vice President, President-elect Joe Biden has also broken the gender barrier with his selection […]

Economy Starting to Trend Toward Deflation

Economy deflation

For all the efforts of the Federal Reserve and Congress to blow up the deflated economy that the lockdown caused, this monster is getting hungry again. To hear Donald Trump tell it, the economic recovery that we have seen over the last 6 months has been monumental. Given how fast and how unnatural the fall […]

Illuminating the Real Benefits of Spending Less

Benefits of spending less

We spend a whole lot of money without really thinking about this much, and also don’t think much about how little we end up saving. It’s time to think about things more. We are as guilty as anyone for focusing so much on what we should do with the money that we set aside to […]

Biden Turns His Socialist Agenda on Retirement Accounts

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is decidedly in favor of socialism, as is his party these days. He’s now looking to socialize retirement accounts, although the end result will not be what he expects. If Joe Biden becomes President, and if he manages to gain the power to put his and the ideas of his socialist colleagues in […]

Robo-Advisors Seeking to Automate Your Retirement

Robo Advisors

Robo-advising has really been growing over the past few years, offering lower-cost investment advice. We do not want to turn our future over to machines. Technology has provided many enhancements to our lives, including the ways that it has dramatically changed the way we invest. We’ve certainly come a long way from the days when […]

Biotech ETFs Look Promising, But Beware the Promise

Biotech ETFs

With the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, and with the mad scramble for a vaccine, this may seem like a great time to be invested in biotechs. Be careful. We hear all the time that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the worst in 100 years, since the Spanish flu days. Perhaps they have never heard […]

Health Care Sector Fully Recovers from Infection

Health Care Stocks

In the midst of a pandemic, with all stocks getting bashed, betting on health care stocks coming back was an easy call. Figuring out where they go from here isn’t so easy. During the good times, betting on stocks that are doing well and are in sectors that are doing well is actually a pretty […]

Investment Strategists Muse How Election May Affect Stocks

US Election 2020

With the November election fast approaching, and so much hanging in the balance for the stock market and the economy, the time to start thinking about this is now. We’ve been speaking of the potential impact of the November election in the United States for quite some time now, especially lately as the potential storm […]