Taking a Deeper Look Inside Recent Employment Numbers


In spite of how great the employment numbers are, there’s always room for complaints. It’s important to realize that we don’t want certain numbers to be too good though. Investors tend to look at the jobs report from the perspective of wanting to see evidence of more economic expansion. Investors love more expansion, and will […]

Michael Bloomberg Says Trump is Wrong, Economy is Broken

Michael Bloomberg

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg just wrote an op-ed piece to tell us that in spite of what President Trump says, the economy is broken and he wants to fix it. It is not uncommon for politicians or prospective ones to try to twist things around to suit their political ambitions. Former NYC mayor, mega-billionaire, […]

Cooler Heads Prevail in U.S./Iran Military Showdown

US Iran Conflict

When two hotheads and gunslingers Donald Trump and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei get into a gunfight, anything can happen. It turns out that both are wiser than they get credit for. The stakes were high in the current confrontation between the United States and Iran. World leaders are generally careful in their remarks, even when they […]