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Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones Bullish on Bitcoin

Paul Tudor Jones

Legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, like the majority of investors, believed that gold was the best hedge against inflation. He’s changed his mind. Paul Tudor Jones knows his stuff, and is not only one of the most famous hedge fund investors in the world, he’s also widely regarded as one of the best. […]

Disney Sickness Considerably Worse Than Expected


Disney just got a check-up and they are even sicker than we thought. They missed their earnings expectations by a mile and have seen their profits decline by 93%. Disney is not a company that does well in seclusion, and many of the things that they make us think of, their theme parks and their […]

Stock Markets on Pace for Best Month in Nine Years

Stock Market

How well the stock market has done in the month of April so far, in the face of all the very dark clouds in the economic sky, have people scratching their heads. When we look at the current economic picture, it sure looks like all bad news, all very bad news in fact. Unemployment claims […]

WTI May Oil Futures Completely Blow Up at Expiration

WTI May Crude Oil Futures

Futures contract expiration days can be plenty interesting, and a lot of money can be made, but Monday’s May WTI oil futures trading took us into another universe. A lot of money is made and lost trading oil futures, and there are some epic stories out there already, big traders who got caught on the […]

Amazon Stock Hits Another All Time High Tuesday

Amazon Stock

While there remains some serious questions out there as to where stocks may be headed during the coming economic recovery, Amazon is going up even more now. Stock selection is a lot more important than the great majority of investors realize, and when the market becomes as embattled as it has been, the stakes go […]

GM Gets Downgraded, Stock Rallies by 9%

General Motors

Stocks usually go down after being downgraded by analysts, so GM stock gaining 9% after a downgrade seems very strange. These are not normal times though. It’s been no secret that the automotive sector has fallen upon hard times, at least with the stocks in the sector. It is not enough for a company to […]

Investors Need to Be Particularly Careful Right Now


Many investors, including both individuals and institutional investors, get excited about the opportunities that high market volatility present. We need to be careful out there. You don’t really know how confused that you are if you are among the confused. In order to be able to tell, you need some sort of benchmark to compare […]