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Facebook Stock Answers Boycott with New Highs

Facebook Stock

Facebook is no stranger to controversy, and in spite of all the attacks they have endured, they always managed to bounce back. They even brush off widespread boycotts. If you build a better mousetrap like Facebook has, and your mousetrap works amazingly well in practice, you can stand to take a few jolts here and […]

CrowdSmart Looking to Use AI to Help Guide Investors


AI company CrowdSmart is looking to build a better mousetrap by seeking to quantify industry consensus surrounding investments. The crowd isn’t always so smart though. What we call artificial intelligence certainly has its place, and the sheer processing speed and capacity of today’s computers can accomplish feats that would be far from possible otherwise. The […]

Technical Analyst Offers Guidance on How to Play Reversion

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is supposed to be belief-neutral, where the data itself tells the story as it unfolds. The idea of a technical analyst preparing us for a reversion to the mean is just odd. Technical analysis is an evolving field in the study of the movement in prices of assets, stocks for instance, that does […]

Verizon Joins Ad Boycott of Facebook Due to “Hate Speech”


There is a movement afoot to coerce social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to censure content that they consider hate speech. This is very disturbing. Freedom of speech is essentially the real benchmark that measures how free a society is. This freedom is a more important principle of a free and democratic society […]

Marijuana Market Predicted to Expand Further in 2021


With so many states so behind on their budgets due to the economic slowdown, the lure of increased tax revenue from legalizing Marijuana is starting to look even more tempting. Some investors are starting to get excited about the prospects of the expansion of the Marijuana market in the United States next year, and given […]

Day Trading Growing in Leaps and Bounds Lately

Day Trading

Among the things that have emerged during the crisis that we’ve faced this year is a huge surge in retail accounts, with many used for day trading. People do need to be careful. As good of a year that 2019 was for the stock market, we actually saw a decline in the amount of retail […]

Stocks Plunge Thursday on New Coronavirus Fears

Stock market down because of coronavirus

Things were proceeding so well for stocks in their recovery from getting hammered over coronavirus fears. We got drunk and overdid it, we sobered up, and now we’ve hit the bottle again. For many, it can be very difficult and even maddeningly so to try to figure out what drives the stock market day to […]

Asian Economies Show Role of Fear in Economic Recovery

Asian Economies

Taiwan and South Korea were barely touched by COVID-19 compared to the U.S., their shutdowns were less severe, and the pandemic is long gone. They are still afraid though. As we continue to speculate on how the economic recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine we put in place to try […]

Ray Dalio Offers Saving Advice During Downturn

Ray Dalio

Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio has shown he’s pretty good at saving money with the $14 billion that he’s saved up so far. He has some tips for those who want to do better at this. Ray Dalio stands as one of the most successful savers of all time. While there are people who have […]