Marijuana Market Predicted to Expand Further in 2021


With so many states so behind on their budgets due to the economic slowdown, the lure of increased tax revenue from legalizing Marijuana is starting to look even more tempting. Some investors are starting to get excited about the prospects of the expansion of the Marijuana market in the United States next year, and given […]

Chesapeake Energy Shows Fragility of Oil Business

Chesapeake Energy

Once a dominant player in the oil and gas business, Chesapeake Energy is now barely breathing, with their stock now down 99.9% since 2008 and their market cap down to $129 million. This is not Chesapeake Energy’s first rodeo, as they have taken some very big falls before, almost losing their life, but this time […]

How Public Stock Devalues the Future of Business

Public Stock

Many people love to bash corporations, but for the wrong reasons. If we are looking to do this and want to make more sense, we need to attack their actual weakness. It’s not even that clear why so many people hate big public corporations, as opposed to smaller ones or even the actual small businesses. […]

Exxon Mobil Stubbornly Refuses to Cut its Dividend

Exxon Mobil

Oil giant Exxon Mobil has increased its dividend for the last 17 years without fail. They want to increase it again this year. They don’t have the money, so they are going to borrow it. Stock dividend payments are a way that companies pay profits directly to their shareholders. When a company earns money, they […]

Is Corporate Debt Now Creating a “Ponzi Market”?

Corporate Debt

Companies these days are borrowing at unprecedented rates, although the real threat here isn’t so much default as it is sacrificing future profits for shorter-term stock love. If you are holding stocks these days, which a lot of people are, you just have to love what companies are doing with their balance sheets in this […]