Markets Breathe a Little Easier in Aftermath of Election

US Elections & Markets

The sky was supposed to fall on the stock market with a looming Democrat sweep, but it didn’t come crashing down as predicted, and the market breathed a sigh of relief. As the aftershocks of the 2020 election continue to reverberate, for those who are rooting for the stock market, it could have been worse. […]

Economy on the Line as America Prepares to Vote

US Election 2020

Next week’s election may or may not be the country’s most important ever overall, but it certainly is the biggest ever for the economy. We’ll look at the issues from the economy’s perspective. What makes the 2020 U.S. presidential election stand out so much is how different incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden differ […]

Social Media Censorship Taking Center Stage Now

Social Media Censorship

There’s a lot more on the line for social media outlets than taking away legal immunity or even breaking them up. Their massive abuse of power must be stopped. Social media outlets are presumed to be neutral parties, allowing for a free exchange of ideas among users. That’s the theory at least, although the practice […]

Economy Starting to Trend Toward Deflation

Economy deflation

For all the efforts of the Federal Reserve and Congress to blow up the deflated economy that the lockdown caused, this monster is getting hungry again. To hear Donald Trump tell it, the economic recovery that we have seen over the last 6 months has been monumental. Given how fast and how unnatural the fall […]

Polls Show Trump Has Slight Lead in Economic Management

Donald Trump

With both Biden and Trump showing their cards in their nomination speeches, the relatively small gap in the polls on economic issues portrays a significant knowledge gap. There are a lot of issues at stake in the upcoming U.S. election, set for November 3, and we’ve never seen a race so polarized on so many […]

Writer Shows How a Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

Finance Knowledge

Financial writer Tim Denning recently did an article on the national debt and other assorted matters of interest to investors. He shows us how low the bar really is. We originally were attracted to a recent article by Tim Denning, a freelancer who writes for several popular financial media sites, with a title that would […]

Financial Advisors Accused of Widespread Gender Bias

Financial Advisors

It should not surprise anyone that there is gender bias out there in the financial advising world, and the only solution is to seek greater understanding, not escalating demands. Few would argue that the financial world is still guilty of a general bias against women. This has historically been a man’s world, from the beginning […]

Biden’s Plan for Rebuilding the Economy by Controlling the Virus

Joe Biden

Joe Biden tells us that to recover from our current economic crisis, we need to control the virus. This is like saying the cure for alcoholism is to drink more alcohol. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been accusing rival Donald Trump of not having a plan to either recover from the coronavirus pandemic or […]

Voters to Decide Fate of App-Based Drivers in California

App based Taxi drivers

After coming within mere hours of seeing ride sharing companies shut down their operations in California, the appeal against new legislation has now been sent to the people. The idea of having people work as independent contractors is far from a new one, and actually has been around for as long as people have been […]

U.S. Inflation Growth in July Surpasses Expectations

US Inflation Growth

A 60-basis point jump in inflation may not seem like much, just 6/10 of a percentage point, but we haven’t seen it grow this much in a month for 30 years. There isn’t anything that matters more to the U.S. Federal Reserve than inflation rates. The Fed certainly wants to steer us away from this […]